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    January 2, 2017

    How To Convert .DMG File into .ISO File

    Hello Tech Savvy’s, it’s been long time since I last posted something, so here is a simple method to convert .dmg file to .iso file

    Why do you need to convert .dmg to .iso? what’s the need

    Before knowing that you need to know about what is .dmg file

     Dmg file is the disc image file which is widely used by Mac systems. Most of Mac operating systems and applications are distributed in dmg files. Other operating system developers publish their operating systems with .iso extension, so there is no need to convert

    Mostly the need for converting .dmg into .iso is to use Mac/ OS X / Yoshimite in windows, because it is very easy to use .iso fine in windows or to install anything OS in a Windows system. To install mac in windows you need iso file, Virtual machines support only. Iso extension but not .dmg so we need to convert .dmg to .iso

    So here is a simple Tutorial on how to Convert .dmg to .iso


    1)   Mac OS/ OS X / Yoshimite
    2)   Power Iso – Download Here

    you need to activate power ISO to convert .dmg file into .iso file 

     How To Activate Power ISO:

    Disable Internet Connection

    Start Power Iso à Help à Enter Registration key

    You need to activate PowerIso to Work, Here are the keys

    Name: thecoolersoftwares.net
    Serial: DN9YR-VX4YX-S2N4B-WFBWM-R6D4K

    Name: www.thecoolersoftwares.net
    Serial: UX6QE-JML29-D83MU-9EWV9-2GVEC

    Name: coolercity.org
    Serial: Q14F6-5TB5J-H9XUL-14ELQ-1S66U

    Name: halillowski.org
    Serial: RGDPB-4J9Q7-N26PA-PPSFY-9H3VF

    Steps To Be Followed To Convert .Dmg file into .Iso File 

    1)   Download and install Power Iso Software

    2)   Open Power Iso

    3)   Go To Tools à Covert

    4)   Click on “Browser Symbol” in ISO

    5)   Select Your Yoshimite.dmg file, Select The Destination file as ISO  and click ok

    6)   Conversion Starts

    7)   Wait till conversion Completes

    8)   That’s it Conversion of .dmg into .iso Is Complete

    9)   You can find the Iso file in same location as .dmg file

    Thank you for reading, if you face any problem or struck anywhere or you need help with anything, please feel free to comment below. 

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