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    Bhanu Namikaze is an Ethical Hacker, Web Developer, Student and Mechanical Engineer. He Enjoys writing articles, Blogging, Solving Errors, Surfing and Social Networking. At Present He is pursuing B. Tech in Mechanical Engineering at K L University, even though he is studying mechanical engineering he is very good at software, internet and hacking related stuff. In his free time, reading, hiking in nature, and travel are Bhanu’s pastimes. In the month or two ahead, Bhanu looks forward to Learning Advanced web server hacking, Cryptography, Enumeration and Reconnaissance. Also, Bhanu looks forward to reading many books, writing often, and developing his own interest and skill at writing new articles and hacking tutorials.

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    Bhanu’s Quotes:

    1)      Hacking Don’t Need Agreements
    2)      Knowledge Should Be Shared Not Spared


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