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This is for Novice Hacker's Only, because most of the Advanced Hackers Know all this stuff 

Swith to SSL stripper,YAMAS and other new tools in kali linux or
backtrack 5 (as they can sniff https: also which wireshark and other
old tools can't). Those interested in phishing remember that phishing
sites nowadays are easily caught by google untill u modify them with
robots.txt and change the code as much as possible so as not to
resemble the original fb site code. And most of the free sites except
a few sites are blacklisted by google so they are caught the fastest
as google has softwares (crawlers and others) which keeps working all
the day to check the free-hosted sites. Still there some sites which
are not blacklisted and you can host a phishing site on them and it
won't be detected by google even for an year.We will discuss all
subdomains of 000webhost and some other sites on our site
in our up coming posts. For those who search software's for facebook hacking please don't waste your time. For those interested in keyloggers remember that
antiviruses detect remote keyloggers (only the latest versions of the
best known keyloggers are not detected and these are always paid).
Better start learning programming to make your own trojans which won't
be detected at all. For those whose router's ports are forward can go
for "Desktop phishing ".Regarding wifi hacking wep takes a very little
time, wpa with wps enabled may as much as time as we have to do
bruteforce in that case and wpa (without wps) is the hardest to crack
and in most cases we have to stop the bruteforce due to overheating of
our laptop or pc.
Remember the most important thing in field of hacking is "STAY UPDATED"

==========    Hacking Don't Need Agreements     ==========
Just Remember One Thing You Don't Need To Seek Anyone's Permission To Hack Anything Or Anyone As Long As It Is Ethical, This Is The Main Principle Of Hacking Dream
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