How To Hack Wifi Wpa/ Wpa2 Password Using HandShakes In Kali Linux

Hello Readers, here in an tutorial on how to hack wifi using Handshake in Kali Linux using Aircrack-ng in kali linux 


What are these Handshakes and What is it for:

·   Here I will just show you only capturing handshakes and in my later posts I will explain you how to hack wifi using handshakes
·      Handshakes are the data or packets gathered by the kali linux (or the software that we use)
·  These Handshakes are used to Use a “BRUTE FORCE ATTACK” or “DICTIONARY ATTACK” in order to check the password in the wordlist


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In this tutorial, I am going to show how to hack wifi password of wpa/wap2 -wps enabled or disabled networks by using handshakes. In this tutorial I am not going to show you how to capture handshakes, I already explained it in my previous tutorial, for reference you can view it here à how to capture handshakes very easily in kali linux

There are hell lot of methods of capturing handshakes, but I put out a very easy method which would capture handshakes for sure in few minutes without giving any command or typing anything.

So, after this I assume that you already captured handshake and you are ready with wordlists and handshake file. You can get the wordlist download link from requirements.

Now we need to start brute force attack using aircrack-ng, to make things easier for you I will just drag and drop everything, you need to do the same. So that you will not be confused even if the location is changed.


How To Hack Wifi Wpa And Wpa2 Password Using HandShakes In Kali Linux 

Step:1 Normally when you create a handshake file, they are stored in “Home/hs”.

Step:2 Open “Home/hs” copy the Handshake file 


Step:3 Now Open Home Folder and paste it there, it's easier to use home folder rather than any of its sub-folders. you can use what ever folder you want, eventually all you need to do is drag and drop so anything is just fine. 

Step:4 Open The Terminal

Step:5  Type in the terminal  “aircrack-ng –a 2 –w”

Don’t Press Enter, Drag The wordlist on to the terminal window

Step:6  just drag the wordlist into the terminal window as i did (for ref see below pic) command is not over yet

Step:7 After dragging the wordlist, you need to drag handshake file as well and press enter 

Step:8 That's it, now aircrack will start to check the passphrase in the wordlist with the handshake, if any match is found it is displayed which is the password of the wifi network 

That’s It
aircrack-ng will check the passphrases available in the wordlist with the handshake file that we captured using Brute Force Attack. If you are lucky enough you might get wifi password of the network that you Want to Hack but Probability of getting the password is quite low. Search the whole dictionary gonna take hell lot of time also it can search only 1400-1700 passphrases/sec. if you have a wordlist with millions of words it is going to take a very long time to check each and every phrase

If you are not satisfied with the wordlist you can even create one with your desired words that you want to hack, here is the method on how to create your own wordlist file

If you are not happy with this method, there are hell lot of methods on how to hack wifi on hacking dream. Knowledge is unlimited, you can never get satisfied so learn everything

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