How To Find a Stolen Android Phone

This article will be liked by almost all android users because today I am going to tell you how to find a stolen Android Mobile
Let’s think that you lost your 30,000 or 50,000 Mobile and you don’t have Insurance for your mobile, that is so sad
But Not Need To Worry Now – You can get back your Stolen Android Mobile. It’s a very simple process and a matter of 5-10mins

Step 1 : Download an App Named “Android Lost”
                 Here is the Link --
(You can also install this through Play Store That is available on your mobile)
Step 2 : After Downloading This app You Will need
Ø Gmail Account
Step 3 : Synchronize that gmail account in your phone

Features of Android Lost App
v Read Messages
v Read Call History
v Raise Alarm
v Get Mobile Location
v Get Imei Number
v Get  a Photo of Rear And Front Camera
v Lock Phone Change Pic
v Delete Everything That You Have On Your Phone And SD Card
v Change Phone Profile From Silent To Vibrate And Vice Versa

And a lot more – This app will be very helpful to all Android Users
So everyone download This app and Prevent Your Mobiles From Thefts

So After You Install “Android Lost” App And Lets Think That You Lost Your Mobile – Follow These Steps

ü After Installation As You Have Already Synchronized Your Mobile With Your Gmail Account
ü Go to the Website
ü Sign In With your Account and track your Mobile

That’s It It’s Very Simple – So Install This App and Prevent Your Mobile from Theft

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       Thank You for Reading My Post, I Hope It Will Be Useful For You

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