How To Create Backdoor Using Backtrack Linux

Hello Friends today I am gonna show you how to hack a windows system or breaking into a system by creating a backdoor using Backtrack Terminal And Directly, Frankly Second Method is the easiest method 


What is backdoor?
To say it simply just like in house using another entrance to come in
In the same way we will create a backdoor and hack into any systems easily

1)     16Gb Pendrive or Higher (if you want to work on Backtrack  4gb is enough for kali linux)
Click Here to know how to create a Backdoor Using Kali Linux
2)     Backtrack Operating System
Backtrack 3 => Click Here
Backtrack 4 => 
Click Here
Backtrack 4 r1 => 
 Click Here
Backtrack 4 r2 => 
 Click Here
Backtrack 5 => 
Click Here
Backtrack 5 r1 => 
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Backtrack 5 r2 => 
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Backtrack 5 r3 BlackHat Edition => 
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Click Here

If You have a 16gb Pendrive or higher, after installing it in your Pendrive, make sure you change your options in boot menu.
Enable USB Boot
The Theme and process changes with every system so I am not showing you how to do it, you will have to do it yourself, its quite easy after all
Without enabling USB Boot option you cannot Backtrack Operating System.
Firstly to move on with this process we need to use Backtrack or kali Linux Operating System it’s according to your wish, but my suggestion is to use Kali Linux because we can have a option called “Live USB” OR “LIVE BOOT” in it, which enables us to use kali directly without installing it where just 4gb pen drive is enough, but the problem with backtrack is we need minimum 16gb pen drive for installation and there is no LIVE BOOT option

Here I will explain how to Create a backdoor using Backtrack In Terminal

If You Are Interested to Create a backdoor using Kali Linux Here it is

Step 1: Open Konsole or terminal and type the following command (after typing every code press enter)
Ø  cd /media 
Ø  ls
Step 2:  Then your hard disk code will be shown (for ex: 28EC168..)
            Every hard-disk have their own code

Note :: If you are not able to find the code, repeat the process again or click on places (which you can find above Konsole or terminal icon) then in places click one "filesystem" a window will open there you can see the hard-disk code as a title in blue

Follow my codes again (after typing every code press enter)
Ø  cd /media/(hard disk code name without brackets)
Ø  ls 
 (Actually This “ls” will show you the list of folders and files present in the above mentioned source or location)
Ø  cd /media/ hard disk code name /Windows 
Ø  cd /media/ hard disk code name /Windows/System32 
Ø  ls
Ø  cp cmd.exe sethc.exe
Here now what we did is changed seethe.exe to cmd.exe, now you can exit the terminal and reboot your system and open windows.
When login screen appears and asks for password press “Shift Key” 5 Times Continuously
Command Prompt will open
Then type the following commands in it
Net user (name of account or system)     Example::  net user Bhanu 
And click enter 2 times – it will ask to enter a new password leave it blank
Reboot system again and now the system starts without asking for login password
This is how creating a backdoor works in hacking systems easily
This works on Backtrack as well as Kali Linux

Method II

Here is the second way of creating a Backdoor in Backtrack this is much more simple compared to previous process

Ø Start your backtrack using USB
Ø  Got to places and you can see your drives there
Ø One is system reserved, do not touch it, open Your Local disk C
Ø In Local Disk: C you will find a folder named “Windows”
Ø And in that Open  “Windows 32” and search for “Cmd.exe”
Ø And rename it to “scthc.exe”
Ø That’s it the process is done
Now shutdown Backtrack and Start Windows
Now windows asks for Login Password
Now Press “Shift Key” 5 Times continuously
Command Prompt will open
There type Net user (your pc name)
                                      Ex: net user Bhanu
Now press enter two times, when it asks to enter password leave it black and restart the system, your victim pc opens without asking for password
That’s it a simple trick

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