How To Increase Facebook Page Insights With Some Methods And Tricks

Here I will tell you two methods to Increase Facebook Page Insights

Method I is How to Post to Get Many Likes, Method II is a trick to Increase Facebook Page Insights, You can choose Either Method, But In Many cases Just Method II is Enough

1)    Post Pics Regularly, No Need To Post Many And Many – Just 4-5 Pics With A Minimum Interval of  6 Hours, So That Your Pic May Reach Most of your page fans
2)    Post Pics Related to your page only, If your page is of single character then, Post pics related to that character only.
3)    Post pics which are not frequently posted by other pages, In other words post Original Content To The Utmost

What is Original Content ::   The Pics which you made for your page, Mostly the pics which you made for your page will get many likes, If you don’t believe me make a good looking pic yourself and post it, then you will find getting it more likes, I am so sure

Here Now Let’s go to Method II

As I told you earlier, this is just a trick, Here I will tell you about two tricks
First Trick:
This is a very Simple Trick, Which you can finish in just 2 Minutes

1)    What you have to do is very simple, Go to Page Settings à Page Info à Page Visibility à Unpublish The Page

2)    Wait for a min, this works only when your page is once very active and now is Inactive.

3)    Anyhow it’s Better to Give it a try, After a Minute Publish it Back again

4)    Post a pic now and wait for two mins and check out its Reach, You will find its reach Increased

5)    If its not increased then UNPUBLISH it again and After two days Publish it back, I am sure you will find some difference, If you are not satisfied with that Go to Next Trick

Second Tricks:

Try This Trick After Trying the First Trick

1)    Select Super Good Looking 10 Pics, For Which you should be sure to get many likes, Select it from other pages or  make it yourself

2)    Now Schedule Those Pics For 2 Days With a Minimum Interval of 5 Hours

3)     Check out after Two days all those pics reach will increase and the reach of the other pics you are going to post will also Increase

That’s it’s the end of Tricks For Now, I Am So These Tricks Will Help You a Lot, I Will Post More and More Soon

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