How To Remove Facebook Page Permanent Manager Or Business Manager

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Now Here is a How To Remove Facebook Page Permanent Manager

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Most of the people trade their pages when they get bored of them or due to some other reasons, but if you add Business manager, you cannot remove it easily, so it’s hard for anyone to hack your page, even if your account gets hacked, your business manager stays still. So no need to worry about your page getting hacked. This is the main purpose of this trick, but we can even remove that business manager with a simple trick which I am going to share with you. This Tricks is very easy to perform It can be done in 2-5 mins, so here are the snapshots and Explanation, if you are reading this article, which means you are already aware of using business manager or Permanent Manger, which can be easily removed, but here is the method of removing it

First Login to

Then You will find this page, Click on “Settings”

Now Click On Pages

Then Click On Add New Page, Through Which a new Business page can be created

Enter your page Profile Name or Link And Select it

The Page is added,  Now go to “Info”

Click On Edit Symbol

There add Primary Page as The Page That You Added Recently

Now Go To “Pages”

Click On “the page for which you want to remove business manager” and there appears remove Option  Enjoy 

That’s it everything is done, if you follow this you will be able to successfully remove your Business manager or permanent manager, if you face any problem, feel free to comment Below, I will look into your problem and will try to solve it 

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