Easiest Way To Complete Totem of Friendship Milestones In Dragon Mania Legends

Hello Friends, Today I am going to explain you how to get 100,000 Points for Friendship milestones in Dragon Mania Legends (PC and Mobile Game) very easily in few days. Actually I don’t write articles on game tricks but there are thousands of people who are trying very hard to accomplish friendship milestone in dragon mania legends, so I thought that this might help them.
This Trick works for all users like Windows PC, Windows Phone, IOS as well as Android, I feel like this is the best method to complete friendship milestone and get our gifts. I received 100,000 Points for which I even got 100 diamonds in very few days using this method. Some people might not believe it, so I will show you snapshots of my game as proof, see the pictures below.


1)      1-10 Facebook accounts (new or old – either your friend’s accounts or your accounts) in which Dragon Mania Legends game is not started. You can use as many number of accounts as you can, Larger the number the better it is
2)      Dragon Mania Legends Should Be Installed on your PC/Mobile
3)      You need to add and accept all the accounts in your old facebook account (from which you play dragon mania)

Now let’s go into the process

Brief Explanation of the process:

                                                            Here actually what we are going to do is create as many as dragon mania game user accounts as possible and use it to get points easily. We will create new accounts using facebook accounts. We are going to use those accounts to accomplish our goal of getting points. While completing friendship milestone you can complete one more too that is Referral code, whenever you create a new dragon mania account use your referral code which will help you get 175 Diamonds + 2 Dragons


1)      While doing this process you should use your own pc/mobile to complete this process through which you always play the game
2)       Should not login your newly created dragon mania accounts in any other system at any cost, because if you do so all the points you are going to receive will be sent to the some other account.


1)      Open Dragon Mania Legends in your PC/Laptop/Mobile
2)      Make sure you are logged into your facebook account
3)      Go to Options Social  Log out of Facebook
4)      Now again Click on  Log into Facebook

5)      There Enter your facebook account email and password  which is not used to play dragon mania before, (to be precise we are going to start a brand new game with our new account ) and then Hit Enter

6)      Facebook Page will appear and click on “Play”

7)      Now you need to select which account to open, select the second one

Claim the dragon for logging in with facebook

Enter Your age to continue

8)      A new game starts now, so now you need to go a little further and again log of this account and login to your old dragon mania account.

9)      Now you can see that account on  your friend list with your old dragon mania account profile picture, that means you are going to receive all the helps and gifts that the account is going receive
10)  For example – if I send a gift to the newly created account, i will receive gift to the same account but not the newly created account, this is just a loop hole left by dragon mania coders, we are going to use it to our advantage and going to complete all the milestones

11)  In the same way you need to create as many accounts as possible and make sure that you add them on facebook beforehand.

12)  Now go to any Rust Gate and send ‘HELP’ only to your new dragon mania accounts, which have created recently. To distinguish your account among all your friends, you need to check the profile picture of all the accounts – they will be as same as your old account or one of your accounts. Either way you will receive all the gifts and helps, see this 

This is my Account On Facebook, See this profile picture

these are my other accounts, as you can see where ever there is a same profile picture of my old account, you will receive all the helps and gifts to your accounts

13)  Now you should not eagerly hit ‘HELP’ in your messages. Wait for 5-10 minutes or so and then again you can see ‘ASK’ button. Do I as many times as you can, better click help after  you receive at least 500 help requests as for each help we receive 100 points and when you click 500 helps we can get 50,000 points at a time

14)  Isn’t this the easiest method than daily hiring and sending gifts to earn points, of course hiring dragons will give 200 points, but compared to hiring, sending helps feels much better. Now enjoy playing dragon mania legends. There is one more important point that i forgot to mention, you need to upgrade your "Totem of Friendship" level from 1 to 4, only then you can receive lot of points 

Thats it, every thing  is done now, enjoy. If You face any problem or you need any help with game tricks or game hacking feel free to leave a comment below, so that i can help you solve the problem

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