[UPDATED] How To Hack WarFace Game Using Global Hack(No Survey) 100% Working

Hello Gamers, Here is the most wanted hack/cheat for Warface Game. This is the best and easiest method to hack warface game. Most of the hacks that you get are based on survey’s and might ask to pay to download the hack, but this is complete free, no need to play or complete a survey, just one click download, open inject and play that’s it. 
 Hack is tested on Dec 2020 

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Warface is using an Anti-Cheat program to detect cheaters, So the hack gets updated regularly. when ever there is a game update, hack update is released as well. when ever hack is discovered by the developers - a new hack update is released. 


Warface is a free to play online first-person shooting game developed by Crytek and CryEngine. Now my.com took over warface and maintaining it. As players play and complete matches, they will earn experience points (XP), Warface Dollars ($), and vendor points (VP); how much is earned varies depending on the number of players in the lobby (in order to prevent or reduce potential boosting among players), how quickly the match is finished, and the amount of score and kills. Warface Dollars can be used to purchase certain weapons and items for the player's classes, while Vendor points contribute toward unlocking new items for purchase in one of three categories: Weapons, Outfits, and Equipment. Booster packs are available for sale in the in-game store, allowing the player to earn additional XP, $, and VP.

There are 4 Classes that you can choose
The game features four different classes: Rifleman, Medic, Engineer, and Sniper. The main functions of each class perform in a similar manner to those in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Each class has its own unique type of primary weapons and "Special Action" (with exception to the Sniper) and are each uniquely suited for different roles.

Rifleman: The balanced class, a Rifleman is all providing cover fire and is the driving force in the team. Made for close to medium range combat scenarios, thanks to either their assault rifles or light machine guns. A Rifleman's Special Action is resupplying ammo to their teammates and themselves while in combat.

Medic: The Medic class is built for close combat, equipped with shotguns and a light pistol. The Medic has the ability to heal themselves and their allies. Fallen allies can be revived with a defibrillator

Engineer: The Engineer is tactically equipped for close to medium range, equipped with either submachine guns or compact assault rifles. The class's Special Action is the ability to restore allies' armor as well as their own. Engineers can also plant claymores that detonate on a moment's notice.

Sniper: The Sniper class is silent but deadly. Equipped for long range combat scenarios with sniper rifles, as stated before, they hold no special action; but they can place anti-personnel mines if they are purchased for the class. The sniper is also the ideal "cover" for the other team members.

How To  Hack Warface Game 

In this this tutorial, I will show you how to hack warface game

No Survey, No Need To Pay, One Click Download 

1)       Warface Game Installed
2)       Global Hack Tool --> Download   {20-04-2019}    

Hack Provided by Warhack

Read How to use hack Without getting banned 

This method enables you to hack
·       PLAYER:
     -No Recoil
-Accuracy (No Spread)
-No Flash
-Unlimited Sprint (Endurance)
-Full Brightness
-Rapid Knife [RMB]
-Long Slide
-Third Person View (Pretty Nice 
-Flying Mines (Engineers)
-ESP Names
-ESP Armor (Now using Bars for easy notice!) *NEW!
-ESP Health (Now using Bars for easy notice!) *NEW!
-ESP Skeleton (Now Using GetBoneID to reduce lag!) *NEW!
-ESP Line
-ESP 3D Boxes
--ESP Box Style (2D or 3D Box Preference!) *NEW!
-ESP Skeleton
-Aimbot (Vector, sorry no silent)
--Aimbot Bone Position (Head or Body)
-Show FPS Rate

Process of Hacking Warface Game 

1)   Start the game
2)   Login with Your account
3)   Start the game 
4)   Make the game into windowed mode
5)   Run the hack tool (Global hack)
6)   Go to Game and press either “Home” or “Insert”
7)    Select whatever you want
8)      Enjoy  

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If you face any problem while hacking the game, feel free to comment below, I will try to help you

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