How to Secure Your Wifi from Hackers

Many of you think that their wifi is secure as they have a strong password, but that’s not true. There are many methods which can hack any kind of security with least difficulty. To make your wifi secure first you need to know how many method and types of wifi hacking is possible and how they work (This is optional). The real steps to secure your wifi from hackers and what they do to hack your wifi are given below. 

     Very Strong Password Should be used:
Ex: 9634h@T!;;ba  --- your password should be something like this. Make sure you remember your password. If you are using a strong password it cannot be Brute forced easily.

2)    Wifi Security should be WPA/WPA2:  If you use any other security network like WEP, if can be hacked in 1 minute or so if a strong signal is available, with weak signal it may take 1 to 8 hours.

3)     WPS Should be locked: If wps is not locked it can be cracked easily in any linux distribution and windows very easily. A locked WPS system is very hard to crack, but this is not available for all kinds of routes (not available on old routers).

4)     Network should be Hidden:  By doing this, hacker need to go to some other process to get your network ESSID (Name of your Network) and then the process of cracking your password. Just hiding your network makes you a fool. Don’t ever do that.  If your network is hidden, you should make sure to add a strong password. This is just a measure so that many people lose interest in hacking hidden networks

5)     Wifi Password can be hacked with your Interaction: There are methods which asks you to enter your wifi password to continue using your internet. This is something like phishing called Evil Twin Method. This is quite dangerous and many people doesn’t know this method also its quite difficult to use. So do not enter wifi password when asked in browser’s and other unlicensed software’s.

6)     Wifi Data Flooding: In this method router is flooded with beacons and data so as to decrease performance of your router, this can be avoided by not using cheap routers.

7)     Filter Mac Address: You can add a set of mac address to your network, so that only those systems/laptops/mobiles with that particular mac address can connect to your wireless network. Even this can be cracked. Your mac address can be found out easily by using some tools like Nmap and so on.

8)   Reduce Your Wireless Signal Range: You can change your signal range to low, so that signals do not cross your house.

By following these tricks, you will not get hacked at any cost.

Other Tips To Secure Your Wifi Network:

1)      It is also a good idea to turn off the router completely when you are not planning to use the computer for a longer period
2)    If you are worried that an outsider may be connecting to the Internet using your Wireless network, you can login to your Administrator panel and then check the clients on your network
3)      Recent development in science and technology bought us a new paint which does not allow wifi signal to pass through walls, but I don’t recommend it just for wifi also it is not good for health either The paint contains chemicals that blocks radio signals by absorbing them
4)    you can consider decreasing the signal range by either changing the mode of your router to 802.11g (instead of 802.11n or 802.11b) or use a different wireless channel.

if You are Interested in Learning Wifi Hacking, here is the link to my tutorials, just select a method and try it until you suceed. 

If You are Struck anywhere please feel free to comment below, so that I can help you solve your problem

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