How To Use Warface Hack Without Getting Banned

Today i will give you a lot of information on How to use warface hack without getting banned, here are few things that you should follow when you are  using warface hack tool. If you follow the process perfectly, you will never get banned.


Main Important Points to be noted before using Hack

1) Always Remove Logs in the game folder 

2) Delete Everything in user/save data/ my games or simply delete the folder in which you view screen shots 

3) Never click "home" or "Insert" before the hack tool loads completely 

4) Log out from your main account beforehand

5) Free Hacks are easily prone to get you banned 

1.    Do not let people report you, because a lot reports on single account can get an account banned for example: for a level 10 rank account to be banned we need to report just less than 10-15 times, the account gets banned immediately. Range increases with increase in rank

2.    Accuracy is the first thing others gonna notice! Guessing you plays with accuracy hacks ON, always remember to fire blindly 1 or 2 magazines to lower your accuracy percentage (or just don't use Aimbot, shoot at the highlighted target).

3.    When using "Magnet" in "PvE" (in Co-op & Survival) DO NOT EVER hack alone! Organize yourself until your room has 2 or 3 hackers. Because single player getting unreasonable high kill count and score may trigger automated account ban

4.    Do not play the game with unknow persons while using hack, most of the people report’s you. Only use it in a private mode and that too with no free and contacts join option marked.

5.    DO NOT ever play PvP with Aimbot Bone selected to "Head". Too much headshots in PvP is impossible. So use "Chest" or "Visible" setting instead. I recommend "Visible" setting (I encourage to never use Aimbot at all in PvP).

6.    DO NOT ever use Magnet on PvP (Versus/Multiplayer) and DO NOT ever use it it PvE either unless other lobby members are your clan members. In simple only use Magnet with your clan members (assuming they won't report you) 

7.    You have a Full-featured ESP, so don't get greedy and use Aimbot on PvP as well. As you know their location and other info, all you have to play tactically good. Avoid them face to face and kill them from behind. Stuff like that. Katana swing and he'll "rest in pieces". 

8.    There's a rumor that you Kill : Death ratio measures by the system and bans account automatically if you have unreasonably higher kill rate than your death rate.

9.    Do NOT try to win Survival missions continuously. Because even high rank players can't do that. Recent update also check for the number of Survival mission completion within a specific time period. If caught, you may get banned from playing Survival missions, or worst - permanent ban from the whole game

10. You can get banned automatically by the number of times you get kicked from games per session. So don't play stupid enough to get kicked. This can be definitely happen as people doesn't kick a user just for fun but for a reasonable reason.

11. Act like normal. Just because now you have super powers, don't try to be God. For example in PvP don't go and kill an enemy who's hiding in a corner that no one will find easily. Act like you saw him when you passing by And then end their misery and camping 

12. Also use a decent injector like "Extreme Injector" which injects the DLL and then closes itself. P

13.  Press "Home" button ONLY after you got to the menu, do not press it while game loads! 

============       Hacking Don't Need Agreements     =============

Just Remember One Thing You Don't Need To Seek Anyone's Permission To Hack Anything Or Anyone As Long As It Is Ethical, This Is The Main Principle Of Hacking Dream

            Thank You for Reading My Post, I Hope It Will Be Useful For You

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Bhanu Namikaze

Bhanu Namikaze is an Ethical Hacker, Security Analyst, Blogger, Web Developer and a Mechanical Engineer. He Enjoys writing articles, Blogging, Debugging Errors and Capture the Flags. Enjoy Learning; There is Nothing Like Absolute Defeat - Try and try until you Succeed.

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