How To Increase Website Traffic For Free

Hello Friends, This Is Bhanu Talking To You About How to Increase Website Traffic For Free Without using any means easily. This is neither a trick nor a method, These are some of the mandatory rules to be followed, not every one but a few of them to increase search Presence. If have already designed your own homepage or blog and you are looking for ways and methods to increase awareness of your website? Of course you are free to hire an expert and put him in charge of your advertising needs. But with passion and commitment you can take care of it yourself. 
For Example if you take Google Search Engine, It goes without saying that GSE Works based on SEO.

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The following 10 Steps will help you to successfully promote your website:

1. Attractive design
The first impression is essential and determines if a visitor still wants to reside on your website. Therefore, it is important to have a clear structure and to avoid an overload of the webpage with too much content. It is also recommended to focus on 2-4 harmonizing colors. The background should ideally be held in white or black.

2. Relevant Content
There is a good reason for the fact that the saying “Content is King” from the Anglo-American Internet-area is so popular. In order to have users visit your website regularly, the content has to be interesting and relevant. Therefore, put yourself in the shoes of your target group and try to generate an added value on your webpage. You should always bear in mind that it is important to differentiate yourself from your competitors.
3. Free Online-Marketing
The Marketing of a website does not necessarily cost is very simple, for example lets take understanding custom search behaviour. With search whike driving majority of visits, leads and sales for most businesses online, I believe that even most marketers who try to Outsmart their SEO need to understand different types of customer behaviour when searching to help develop strategies for getting visibility and creating content and messages to help meet consumer needs.
4. Special offers
With special offers on your website you will not only differentiate yourself from your competitors but also develop your Unique Selling Proposition. In case you are selling a product, it is recommended to offer your customers special product packages which they are unable to acquire in regular shops. Such offers spread quickly around Internet users and are very likely to be shared. It has already been proven to be worthwhile to focus on providing products and services on certain niches.
5. Newsletter
Customer Loyalty becomes increasingly important. This is due to the fact, that the customer acquisition requires much more efforts than the Customer Retention. Therefore, give your clients the option to benefit from signing up for a newsletter. This marketing tool is particularly effective when it has been adjusted to the individual interests of the subscribers.

6. Flyer Advertisement

One favorable and creative option for self-advertisement is the preparation and distribution of flyers. Firstchoose the suitable flyer-layout that fits your needs and then decide how to spread the flyers. Send the flyers to your clients as info-sheet or include it as a separate attachment in a letter. The possibilities are endless. Furthermore, you should provide several copies to your private contacts and ask them to hand them on to potentially interested parties.

7.Vehicle labeling

Those of you who own a car have a clear advantage. That is because a vehicle does not only serve as a means of transport but also as a great advertising board. With digital images and  signages, you can use your car to effectively promote your website. The label can be applied  to your vehicle as an adhesive film. One major advantage is that is can be easily be removed without residue.

8. Free Marketing Portals

he use of offline advertising is crucial. However, it will be ideal to combine offline- and online- advertising. Therefore, promote your website additionally in free online-portals which have specialized on customer acquisition and the mediation of interested visitors. 

9. Business Card

Business cards fit in every purse and can be produced relatively fast. Therefore, business cards are particularly suitable to advertise your own homepage at all times. Contact details such as name, address and the URL to the corresponding website are usually displayed on the front while the back side is often used for a logo or elements alike.  Therefore, it is always worth to keep a couple of your own business cards with you in order to exchange them in private or business meetings with your partners.

10. Word-of-mouth recommendation

A free and particularly effective alternative for offline-advertising is the word-of-mouth recommendation. The reason for that is simple: A satisfied customer will be happy to recommend you to others. The best time to ask your client for a reference is after a successful completion of a sale or a pleasant conversation. It is absolutely important that this happens promptly, because then you will optimally use your customer’s positive feelings associated with your service.

Get Free Traffic Easily To Your Sites - 2016 Top Ten Free AutoSruf Traffic Exchange Sites

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