How To Change Facebook Account Security Question

Hello Friends This Is Bhanu, back with an Old Topic  -- How to Change Your Facebook Account Security Question, This is very easy, most probably we dont usually change facebook account Security Question but in case if we need to change it because some one found out our security question and you want to do it, here is a simple process, Enjoy Reading..


1. Go to and click on forgot password.

2. Then enter your e-mail id or facebook username to identify your account.

3. Then click on "No longer have access to these" 

4. Then they will ask how can we reach you just put your different email adress which should not be associated with your facebook account

5. Then it will ask a security question which you already set you must be knowing the answer and submit.

6. Then enter a new password for your account.

7. Then they will send an e-mail to your email adress which you given above see step- 4 (if you don't remember)

8. Then open your email account and check for the mail which was sent by facebook and click on the first link 

9. Then they will ask you to wait for 24 hrs, but there is no need to wait for such a long time 

10. So, go to and log in with that account and with old password( not new) for which you are going to change security question then this will come "Your account is temporarily locked then click on "This wasn't me" 

11. Then this will come "Did someone else to access your account" then click on secure my account

12. Then click on continue

13. Again they will ask for to create new password create it

14. Then click on continue if you want to change email too then you can

15. Then click on continue . Bingo now they will ask for you to change security question and change it ;-). and login with that new password which you just created in step 13.

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