How to Hack WiFi Password Easily

Hacking WiFi networks is not as difficult as it may seem. With some practice, anyone can easily hack WiFi passwords. You can hack a WiFi password on a laptop by simply sitting in front of it. There are numerous tutorials available on how to hack WiFi passwords on a laptop, and in this article, I will explain all the easy methods available for hacking WiFi passwords on laptops. Although WiFi hacking may not be easy in all cases, it is not impossible. You must try harder and find the vulnerability and exploit it. There are a few network connections with less security that you can hack in seconds. In this post, I will share complete information and step-by-step tutorials for every WiFi hacking method.

Hacking is not limited to Windows; using the Linux operating system is better because of its flexibility and a wide range of available tools. Some people think that Linux is hard to use and does not have all the features that Windows has. While this is true to some extent, even in Linux operating systems, Windows applications can be used. If you want to learn hacking, start using Linux operating systems. I prefer Kali Linux because it comes with inbuilt tools that are needed for hacking and penetration testing. If you want to specialize in WiFi hacking, download the WifiSlax operating system, which was created for wireless penetration testing.


Few Important Points to know about Wi-Fi hacking before we start digging into how to hack WiFi password on laptop

1)     A single method cannot hack all the wifi network passwords around you, there is no such method and there will never be.

2)     Each method has its own limitations

3)     If an attack is not successful on your first try, do not worry -try and try until you succeed in cracking the password or until you understand what the problem is. Don’t blindly follow the process, understand the process and start your exploit.

4)     Hacking is done based on the vulnerabilities available on the target router/network

5)     If there are no vulnerabilities = that machine cannot be hacked easily


1. Wireless Security 

2. Requirements 

3. Hacking Wifi WEP Networks  - 2 Methods

4. Hacking WPA/WAP2 Networks - 5 Methods

5. Hacking Wifi Through Android 

6. Hacking your Friend's wifi password

Wireless Security:

Wireless networks are divided into 3 security technologies or algorithms developed by wifi Alliance for the security of wireless networks. Wireless security technologies are WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy), WPA (Wifi Protected Acces), WPA2 (Wifi Protected Access 2). These are developed and released one after another to cover the loopholes and flaws in the design of the previous algorithms.  As WEP is too old it's vulnerable to many kinds of attacks and can be hacked through your laptop very easily. If you are using a PC, you can purchase a wifi network adapter and plug it into your pc and try these attacks. After WEP; WPA emerged and its security in its way and there are few design and implementation flaws in WPA, so WPA2 came into the picture with TKIP encryption and few other encryption standards and protocols.

Requirements to Hack wifi password easily

1) Kali Linux Operating System - Download
4) Basic Linux Knowledge

How to Hack Wifi Password on Laptop - Hacking WiFi Password Easily 

Hacking WEP Networks:

WEP is the least secured wifi network available, later it is upgraded, and a new version was released WPA & WPA2. All kinds of WEP networks can be hacked very easily. There is no WEP network that cannot be hacked but takes some time, it varies with the strength of Signal. Hacking WEP wifi networks through kali Linux or Backtrack or WifiSlax is very easy compared to windows. There are many automated tools available to hack a wifi WEP password. 

Here are 2 Easy Methods that can hack wifi password of a Wifi WEP network on the laptop

1) Hacking WEP Networks using Fern Wifi Cracker:

Fern Wifi cracker is an open-source automated GUI tool which can help in cracking wifi password of a router. Fern Wifi cracker is completely automated which can crack a wifi WEP password of a network with just one or two clicks. Fern wifi cracker can crack wpa/wap2 networks as well not just wep networks. Unlike other tools fern wifi cracker does not stop after some time when it’s not able to crack the wifi password of the network, it continues until an attack is succeeded. Here is a complete turorial on cracking wifi password using fern wifi cracker.

Step 1: Open Fern Wifi Cracker and Select the network that you want to hack and click on "Wifi Attack". Wait for sometime and you can see the WEP KEY at the bottom of the fern wifi cracker.

Step 2: You can see all the saved password in the Key Database of the fern wifi cracker tool. 

2) Hacking WEP Networks using Wifite:

Wifite is open source linux based tool which was designed to crack wireless networks and has all kinds of built in functions required to hack a wifi network. Wifi can be used to hack wifi password of WEP, WPA.WPA2 Networks, Wifi is as simple as fern wifi cracker, there is not much difference between these 2 tools. Here is a detailed guide on Hacking Wifi WEP Networks using Wifite on laptop

Step 1: type "Wifite" in the terminal to start wifite and select the network that you want to hack and wait for wifite to do the work for you.

Step 2: After capturing required number of packers, wifite is successful in cracking wifi WEP network in a short span of 6 minutes. if the signal range is good, it can be done much faster. 

 Hacking WPA/WPA2 Networks:

One of the hardest things to hack is wifi WPA/WPA2 networks. For the ease of access, a new functionality called WPS (Wifi Protected System) was added to routers. There is a flaw in that model and can be hacked pretty much easily compared to WPS locked or WPS disabled networks. WPA/WPA2 passwords can also be hacked with some brute-forcing and evil twin attack.

1) Hacking WPA/WPA2 – WPS Enabled Networks using Dumpper in Windows:

Hacking in windows is not like Linux, we only use GUI tools in windows to hack wireless networks. You need to download and install a few applications in windows and run them. This is the only easiest method available to hack wifi password of wpa, wpa2 -wps enabled routers. This method cannot hack wps locked or wps disabled routers. This is one of the very old methods to hack wifi passwords easily. Here is the complete tutorial to learn how to hack wifi password easily in Windows using Dumpper and JumpStart

Step 1: Download Dumpper and run it

Step 2: Select the network that you want to crack and click on start "Jumpstart"

Step 3: JumpStart tries to associate to the networks and if the attack is successful, you will see "Wireless Configuration Completed" message. 

2)Hacking WPA/WPA2 – WPS Enabled/Disabled Networks using Handshake:

This method can be used to hack a wifi password of WPA/wap2 – WPS enabled and disabled networks. One of the best methods to hack wifi WPS enabled or disabled network is to brute force the handshake file captured from a router. A handshake is basically an automatic process of negotiation between two entities, usually your computer and the network server it wants to connect to. One example of handshaking that most any Internet user is familiar with is that of modems connecting to one another.

So, we capture a Handshake file and use it to hack wifi password easily using Brute Force attack. It can be done by using Aircrack-ng, one of the widely used hacking tool. First, you need to capture Handshake – Click Here To Know How To Capture Handshake File and you need a wordlist file as well Click here to learn how to create wordlist you can create one or download it from the internet. You need to use the wordlist and a handshake to perform a brute force attack on the router and hack wifi password of wpa/wap2 network on the laptop. Here is the complete explanation of  hacking wifi  password of the network using Handshake and aircrack-ng.

Step 1: Type the following command "aircrack-ng -a 2 -w wordlist.txt handshake.cap".  

Step 2: Aircrack-ng start and Brute force attack is performed on the target handshake file (network). If the passphrase is available in the wordlist file or the dictionary, you will get password found. if not found, you can create your own wordlist or try a new one.   

3) Hacking WPA/WPA2 Network Using Aircrack and Crunch

In this method first you need to create a wordlist, Handshake and then that wordlist is used to hack wifi password of the network with handshake file and aircrack-ng. This is almost the same as the previous method but in this method we create our own wordlist and  Capture a Handshake then try to hack wifi password of network directly without saving the wordlist. Here is the turorial for hacking Wifi Networks without saving the wordlist and brute forcing a network on laptop using aircrack-ng

Step 1: You need to capture a handshake file and create your own wordlist by guessing the probability of passphrase used by the victim. type the following command "crunch n m PassPhrase | aircrack-ng handshake.cap -w - - e NameOfTheNetwork" 

Step 2: Brute force attack starts without wasting your hard disk space.

4) Hacking WPA/WPA2 – WPS Enabled Network Using Reaver

This method can be used when the target network is using wpa/wpa2 and WPS enabled. Reaver is specially designed to crack wps enabled routers only. You need to enter only 2 commands for this to work. Here is the complete tutorial on cracking Wifi password of WPA/WAP2 – WPS enabled network using reaver

Step 1: Type the following command in the terminal "wash -i mon0" to check available WPS enabled routers. run the command "reaver -i mon0 -b BSSID -vv"
BSSID = Mac address of the target machine from the 

Step 2:  run the command "reaver -i mon0 -b BSSID -vv"

BSSID = Mac address of the target machine from the wash-i mon0 command

Step 3:  Reaver takes quite a lot of time to crack the pin of the router. maybe around 6-18 hours to test all the pins. This is nothing but a brute force attack.

5) Evil Twin Attack - Hacking Wifi Using Fake Access Point

Evil twin attack creates a fake access point as same as the network that we want to hack and DE-authenticate them from their network and stops their connectivity. When the victim tries to connect to their network, their internet access will be discontinued and a novice user will try checking his network and finds the new network with the same name as their network and connects to it. Sometimes windows disconnect from its original network and connect to the fake free access point (This happens only when connecting to available open networks option is enabled on their windows machine). When the victim connects to the fake access point a new web page will be displayed on the target’s browser asking to enter their wifi password and unless they enter it, they can’t access wifi. That’s how it works, easy, simple and the best way to hack wifi without using wordlist. The tutorial for the Evil twin attack is here go through it and try it out Click Here to learn how to hack wifi using evil twin attack using linset. This works only on novice users, if the victim is a tech savvy guy, it’s going to be hard to get in. 

Few Other Methods Which can be used to Hack any kind of network

Hack Your Friend’s Wifi Network in 2 Mins:

This is one of the easiest and best method which works only on windows. No need to enter any command or there is no need to download any software to do this. Just follow simple steps but need access to your friend’s system. Click here to learn how to hack your friend’ s wifi  password in 2 minutes

Step 1: Open Network and Sharing Center --> Wifi --> Wireless Properties --> Security Tab --> Network Security Key --> click on Show characters.

So That’s how wifi hacking is done, nothing is easy, all you need is patience and hard work, then you can hack anything. if a method that you tried doesn't work, try the next one. If you are not able to hack something, you just didn't try enough that's it. If You still face any problem, feel free to comment below or refer to the below linked Post.

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