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Today I will explain all the methods, Tricks and tips of wifi hacking. There are a lot of methods of wifi hacking, in which basic to be precise wifi hacking is not easy in all cases. There are few network connections with less security which you can hack as a piece of cake. Here in this post I will provide you with complete information and tutorial for each and every wifi hacking method. Hacking cannot always be done on windows, Hacking is meant to be done on Linux, it’s the easiest, best and preferable operating system for learning hacking or to hack something. There are people who think Linux is hard to use and it does not have all the features that windows have, its true to some extent but not 100%, even in Linux operating systems, windows can be used. If you want to learn hacking use only Linux operating system. I prefer Kali Linux because it comes with inbuilt tools that are needed for hacking anything, not just wifi but anything.



I would like you to let you know about few things about wifi hacking

·        A single method cannot hack all the wifi passwords of networks around you
·        Each method has its own limitations
·        If an attack is not successful on your first try, do not worry -try and try until you get the password or until you understand what the problem is
·        Hacking wifi in windows is a very easy method but it cannot hack wifi passwords of  all the networks. It can hack only WPS Enabled networks that too not all the networks. Click Here 

Requirements to Hack  wifi password easily

1)      Kali Linux Operating System - Download
3)       Dumpper,  Jumpstart and Wincap for WPA/WPA2- WPS networks
4)      Basic Linux Knowledge

Wifi Hacking Methods Include

1)    Hacking WEP Networks:

WEP is the least secured wifi network available, later it is upgraded and a new version was released WPA & WPA2. All kinds of WEP networks can be hacked very easily. There is no WEP network that cannot be hacked, but takes some time, it varies with the strength of Signal. Hacking wifi password of a  WEP network in windows is kind of boring and takes a lot of time and we cannot be so sure that it can hack the network 100%, so we need to move to kali Linux or Backtrack or WifiSlax or any other Linux operating system. I prefer Kali Linux and WifiSlax for hacking wifi. 

Here are 2 Easy Methods that can hack wifi password of a WEP networks.  

·        Hacking WEP Networks using Fern Wifi Cracker:

o   Fern Wifi cracker is a tool used to hack wifi password easily of  WEP, WPA, WPA2 networks, but it works fine for WEP networks, unlike other tools fern wifi cracker does not stop after sometime when it is not able to hack the wifi password of the network, it goes on continues until it gets the password. Click Here Learn How to Hack Wifi Password of WEP network using Fern wifi Cracker

·        Hacking WEP Networks using Wifite:

o   Wifite is another tool which is used to hack wifi password of WEP, WPA.WPA2 Networks, this method is also very simple as simple as Fern wifi cracker, there is not much difference between these 2 tools except that of different manufacturer’s.  Click Here How to Hack Wifi password of  WEP networks using Wifite


2)    Hacking WPA/WPA2 Networks:  

one of the hardest things to hack is wifi password of WPA/WPA2 networks, these networks are further classified into WPS and it is further classified into WPS – Enabled and Disabled networks. Hacking WPS Enabled networks is kind of easy compared to WPS disabled networks. At last it’s just a password and anything in this world can be hacked, so is wifi wpa /wap2 network. 

    ·    Hacking WPA/WPA2 – WPS Enabled Networks using Dumpper in Windows:

o   No need to type any command to hack wifi password of  WPA/WAP2 network, just download and install 4 software’s in windows and click one button that’s it, networks get hacked very easily. This is the only easiest method to hack wifi password of wpa, wpa2 -wps enabled but does not work in all cases, because this method can only hack only  few routers whose security connection is WPA/WPA2 – WPS Enabled and even if its enabled, it cannot hack the wifi passwords of  all kinds of networks. This is one of the very old methods to hack wifi password easily. Click Here to learn how to hack wifi password easily in Windows

 ·         Hacking WPA/WPA2 – WPS Enabled/Disabled Networks using Handshake:

o   This method can be used to hack wifi password of wpa/wap2 – WPS either enabled or disabled network. One of the best method to hack wifi wps enabled or disabled network. A handshake is basically an automatic process of negotiation between two entities, usually your computer and the network server it wants to connect to. One example of handshaking that most any Internet user is familiar with is that of modems connecting to one another.

 o  So we capture a Handshake File First and use it to hack wifi password easily using Brute Force attack. It can be done by using Aircrack-ng, one of the widely used hacking tool. First you need to capture Handshake – Click Here To Know How To Capture Handshake File and you need handshake too Click here to learn how to create wordlist. Then you need to use it to hack wifi password of  wpa/wap2 network. Handshake alone is not enough to hack wifi network, you need a wordlist too. Click Here to hack wifi  password of the network using Handshake and aircrack-ng.

·     Hacking WPA/WPA2 Network Using Aircrack and Crunch

o   In this method first you need to create a wordlist, handhsake and then that wordlist is used to hack wifi password of the network with handshake file and aircrack-ng. This is almost same as the previous method, but in this method we create our own wordlist and  Click Here to Learn How to Capture Handshake then try to hack wifi password of  network. Click Here to Hack wifi password of  Wpa/Wpa2 Network using Aircrack-ng and Crunch

crunch n m PassPhrase | aircrack-ng handshake.cap -w - - e NameOfTheNetwork

·         Hacking WPA/WPA2 – WPS Enabled Network Using Reaver

o   This method is used when the network is the network is protected with WPA/WPA2 – WPS enabled networks only. This work on few commands and kind of easy to work on. Click here to learn how to hack Wifi password of WPA/WAP2 – WPS enabled network using reaver.

“reaver –i mon0 –b bssid -vv”

3)    Few Other Methods Which can be used to Hack any kind of network

·        Hack Your Friend’s Wifi Network in 2 Mins:

o   This is very easy to do and can be done in 2 mins, no need to enter any command or there is no need to download any software to do this. Just follow simple steps but need access to your friend’s system. Click here to learn how to hack your friend’ s wifi  password in 2 mins

4)     Evil Twin Attack - one of the best way to hack wifi 

Evil twin attack creates a fake access point as same as the network that we want to hack and deauthenticate them from their network and stops their connectivity. Then the victim tries to connects to their network and finds the new network with the same name as their network and connects to it, so times windows disconnects from its original network and connects to the fake free network and in which appears a new web page which asks the victim to enter their wifi password and unless they enter it, they can’t access wifi. That’s how it works, easy, simple and the best way to hack wifi without using wordlist easily. Click Here to learn how to hack wifi using evil twin attack using linset

So That’s how wifi hacking is done, nothing is easy, all you need is patience and hard work, then you can hack anything, if a method that you tried and you are not able to hack wifi password easily of a particular network, all you need to do is go for next method, do not get depressed. Move on to a next Method.

If You still Face any problem, feel free to comment below or refer to the below linked Post.

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