How to Get High Speed Internet (450 mbbs) for Free

Hello Viewers, many people might be worrying about their internet speed, which has now become a very big issue, here is a trick to use internet at 500% faster than your internet speed (if you are using a slow internet connection). As there are pros there are some cons too, but I am sure pros can cover the cons. Now this is a simple tutorial on how to increase your internet speed.

In this tutorial, we are going to use a virtual server, which lets us to use internet at a very high speed, first let me discuss something about virtual server later we move on to this virtual server pros and later cons. Then we move to how to increase your internet speed or how to use internet at a very high speed for free

What is a Virtual Server?

In Simple terms, we are going to access a system which virtual, the so-called web server which has a very high internet speed and a shared network.

 Definition: A virtual server is a server that shares hardware and software resources with other operating systems (OS), versus dedicated servers. Because they are cost-effective and provide faster resource control, virtual servers are popular in Web hosting environments.

Normally all virtual servers are not free, we need to purchase them and then use it for website hosting or any other purposes. But there are some available for free one of them is

Now about the Virtual Server That we are going to use

The virtual server that we are going to use to use high speed internet is “”

Proof for Speed of Internet connection is a is about sharing your everyday. Watch your favourite shows with your friends, without being in the same room (or even the same city!). Collaborate with your co-workers when you’re all on the road. Shop together for a birthday present for Mom, then sing her “happy birthday” with family far away. The possibilities are endless.

That’s a simple note about, now is how we are going to use it to increase your internet speed. Very simple all we need to do is browse or watch on, as everything’s free on you can watch whatever you want, you can even share “what you are watching” with your friends and make them watch the same too and this is 100% legal and free of cost. At its core, Rabbit is a group chat service with voice and video support. In that respect, it's not much different than Google Hangouts.

Here you will be given Mozilla Firefox browser, you can use it however you want for free with high speed internet connection.

Pros of

1)   Very High Internet Speed (Around 400 MBBS on Average of my speed tests)
2)   Doesn’t Consume lot of Data Balance (Very less, that you will get shocked)
3)   Can Watch any kind of Videos (Youtube, Netfilx, etc…)
4)   Inbuilt Adbocker
5)   Popular Videos List Available
6)   You can access any kind of website irrespective of location
7)   Share what you are viewing with your friends
8)   Video and Audio Chat Available
9)   Available on Apple Store
10)        HD Streaming available

Cons of

1)   Only Runs on Chrome and Opera
2)   Doesn’t run on Android
3)   No 100% full screen, but it looks very good
4) You cannot download anything

How to Use High Speed(450 Mbbs) internet for Free

1)   Go to (only Google Chrome and Opera users) and Click on “Sign up”
You can access even without registering but you cannot view in HD without signing in

2)   Now register manually or through facebook, it’s your choice. doesn’t access your private content

3)   Sign in into and click on “Go To My Room”

4)   You will be directed to its inner homepage, Here you can select whatever video you want or you can enter any url, that you want to access

5)   You can even have “Popular Websites” Section in which you can access those popular sites with a very high speed internet

6)   This is how it looks when you open something on

7)   This is how it looks when you go for “Full Screen”

  Even in the middle of playing something you can move to some other site

So that’s how you are going to use high speed internet connection of nearly 450MBBS for free without any problem. if you are facing any problem in using this free high speed internet, let me know so that i can help you with something 

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