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BitLocker Drive Encryption is a data protection feature available for windows 7, 8 and 10 users, so this feature is not available for previous versions of windows. BitLocker enables a drive or a folder to be password protected so that no unauthorized user can access the data. This is the most widely used password protection system for Hard Disk’s and other drives on windows machines.

If you try to open Bitlocker encrypted drive on windows xp, it doesnt even show a drive in most of the cases, even if the drive is detected on windows xp, it display's the memory as "0 Bytes" and you need to format the drive to gain access 

Error Message Shown is "Drive is not Formatted, you need to Format it to open it", even if you click on format, Nothing's going to happen. So Microsoft developed a software to open such drives on Windows XP.  

How To Install BitLocker

No need to install BitLocker it is installed automatically as part of the operating system installation. However, BitLocker is not enabled until it is turned on by using the BitLocker setup wizard, which can be accessed from either the Control Panel or by right-clicking the drive-in Windows Explorer.

At any time after installation and initial operating system setup, the system administrator can use the BitLocker setup wizard to initialize BitLocker. There are two steps in the initialization process:
  1. On computers that have a TPM, initialize the TPM by using the TPM Initialization Wizard, the BitLocker Drive Encryption item in Control Panel, or by running a script designed to initialize it. 
  2. Set up BitLocker. Access the BitLocker setup wizard from the Control Panel, which guides you through setup and presents advanced authentication options.
When a local administrator initializes BitLocker, the administrator should also create a recovery password or a recovery key. Without a recovery key or recovery password, all data on the encrypted drive may be inaccessible and unrecoverable if there is a problem with the BitLocker-protected drive.

How To Open Bitlocker Encrypted Drive on Windows XP 

As Bitlocker works only on the later versions of windows 7, Microsoft released a software for windows xp users so that they can access data from Bitlocker Encrypted Hard drives/disks. Bitlocker to Go Reader is the software that helps in accessing Bitlocker encrypted drives in windows Xp

Steps to Open Bitlocker Encrypted Drive on Windows XP

1)   Download Bitlocker to go reader from the link given above, Select your preferred operating system and download according to it

2)   Install Bitlocker to Go Reader

3)   Insert Bitlocker Encryped Hard Drive /Disk / Pendirve /Flash Drive

4)   Now Open Bitlocker To Go Reader

5)   That’s it, Enter the password and you can gain access to it 

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