[SOLVED] Armitage/ Metasploit Not Starting on Kali Linux 2.0

Hello, Everyone .. Hackers :D, if you are reading this post, that means you are facing some kind of issue with Armitage on Kali Linux 2.0. Kali Linux Gets updates very frequently and Armitage doesn’t have auto update, so we face some problems. Here is a simple solution on how to solve “fatal: Authentication failed for user msf” on Kali linux when trying to start Armitage
Metasploit not staring on Kali Linux while trying to start Armitage, actually this is not the problem of metasploit but Armitage, Armitage is not configured or not upgraded when kali linux 2.0 is launched, so we face this issue. We can solve it in 2 mins.

First You need to download Armitage from its website, you might say that we can directly update Armitage by using apt-get update Armitage, but this still results the same, on most of the machines, this is not helping at all. So all we need to do is download tar file from Armitage website and replace it with old version

Click Here to Download Latest Version of Armitage

How to Solve “fatal: Authentication failed for user msf”

Step 1: open Files/Other Locations/Computer/Usr/Share

Step 2: Rename Armitage to “Armitage Old”

Step 3: Extract the file that you downloaded from Armitage Website

Step 4: Now copy that folder to usr/Share

Step 5: Open Terminal and type “msfdb reinit” and press Enter

Step 6: again enter the following command in terminal “cd /usr/share/metasploit-framework”

Step 7: type “msfconsole” that’s it..

Now Try opening Armitage, I am sure you will not face any issue now. If you face any problem even after trying this trick, let me know. So that I can help you solve your problem on starting Armitage on kali linux 2.0

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