(2 Methods) How To Change My Facebook Profile Name Before 60 Days Limit

Hi everyone! In today's post, I'll show you an easy way to update your Facebook account or profile name before the 60-day limit.

So, what is this 60 Days Limit to change your facebook account name:

According to facebook rules and regulations, one cannot change their facebook account name twice or thrice or even more in less than 60 days’ span, it is because Facebook requires everyone to provide the name they use in everyday life so that you always know who you're connecting with.

There are two methods of changing your facebook account name before 60 days limit

    1)   Method 1:

This is one of the ways to change your facebook account profile name before 60 Days limit. All you are going to do is follow facebook security methods to revert or change your profile name to your old profile name. you may consider this possibility of changing your facebook account name


2)   Method 2:

This is the method you might be looking for if you want to change your facebook account name completely to a different name as the first method doesn’t allow you to change to a new name for facebook account or facebook profile before 60 days’ limit.  This method has some limitations as well,  you can read it below.

How to Change Your Facebook Account Name Before 60 Days Limit – Method – I

By using this method, you cannot make a new account for your account instead you can revert to your old account name, which might be considered when you misspelt your name or your new name doesn’t suit you or you no longer use that name. So, you can shift to your old account name in less than 2 mins.

1)   Log in to your facebook account

2)   Go to this link à https://www.facebook.com/hacked

You might be wondering what  this link is actually, this is created by facebook in order to check the security settings and modifications happened in an account in case an account is hacked or any security issue occurs 

3)   Click on “get Started” – let it complete checking your data and after it completes the process click “Continue”

4)   Now Change your facebook account password

5)   It asks you to check “what is your correct name” there select your old name and click next

6)   That’s it – Now Check your profile name, it will be changed to your old name

How to Change Your Facebook Account Name Before 60 Days Limit – Method – II

This is the legal and original process which is set up by facebook for people who want to change their name for real, not for fun. This method doesn’t go as smooth and as fast as the previous method, this takes time as facebook verifies your data.

All you need to do is send your details to facebook via link given out by facebook
  1. Go to this Link
  2. Fill out all the required details in the form

  3. Upload any proof of your real name and click send 
  4. Indians can upload – Aadhar card for fast verification or any other valid proofs like ID card or driving license
  5. People residing in any other countries can upload your -  School, college, university ID Card, or driving license or any other valid proof which matches your name,
  6. That’s it. Facebook usually responds in a day or two. Sometimes, it may time more time. 

Limitations of How to Change Your Facebook Account Name Before 60 Days Limit – Method – II

        1)     You can only use your real name
        2)     You can not change your account name for next 2 months unless you use method -1
        3)     Not as fast as method – I,  This may take some time
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