How to Secure Yourself online easily

How to Secure Yourselves Online Easily

Here is a simple explanation on how to secure yourselves when using internet or while completing any transactions. All you need to do is follow some simple precautions while using internet or any network. To secure yourself in this Digital World, make sure you surf safely over the Internet.

Precautions to be followed when using Social Media:

  1. Using Strong Passwords for logins
  2. Activate Login Verification and Two Steps Authentication.
  3. See that your signing up for only Legitimate Sites.
  4. Make you profiles private.
  5. Configure your Privacy Settings.
  6. Think before you Post Anything.
  7. Manually Approve Tagged Posts.
  8. Never Share your Personal Information Online.
  9. Do not click any links that comes from the people you don’t know.
  10. Use Safe Sites and Networks
  11. Install a firewall to protect your Home Network.
  12. Always use Private Wi-Fi networks
  13. Backup your Data on Regular Basis.
  14. Never Connect to any open Networks
  15. Stay safe on your Smartphones as well
  16. See that you Download apps from Legitimates Apps Stores Only.
  17. Tape Your Webcam or buy a webcam closer, so that when ever you are using webcam you can open it and close it after you are done with it. 

Precautions to be followed when Performing Transactions

  1. Never do any transactions other than your systems, they might save your keystrokes or might save your passwords for further use
  2. Use Strong Passwords
  3. See that your signing up for only Legitimate Sites.
  4. Setup OTP to your mobile number only, as Emails might be open on different systems
  5. Use popular Anti virus or if you think its a waste of money, just use windows defender and upadate it regularly.
  6. Make Sure You are performing transaction in legitimate sites
  7. If you think something is fishy, use Virutal Keyboard. Virtual keyboards encrypt the keystrokes and send them to server. 

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