How can we protect your website from DDOS


1.   Double check the traffic flow to check for any malicious traffic.
2.   Activate any tools or technologies you have available to you that are able to help bear the load of traffic.
3.   See if you can identify and block the source of the attack.
4.   Temporarily change your IP address if possible to throw the attack off of your trail.
5.   Contact your ISP or administrators to see if there is anything they can do or offer you.
6.   Use sensors that send an alert whenever the website is down.
7.   Purchase DDoS protection products to mitigate the monetary loss due to the attacks.
8.   Ensuring that the server has extra traffic bandwidth
9.   Setting up secure VPS hosting
10.Purchasing a dedicated server
11.Block spoofed IP Address
12.Use Proxy Protection
13.Setup RST cookies
14.If all else fails, temporarily shut off the servers. You will find yourself with no website, but the cybercriminals find their efforts worthless and move on faster.
15.Analyse the situation afterword to see if you can make any adjustments in your defence.
16.Use any kind of website protection web services like Cloudflare

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