Microsoft 70-413 Exam Guide: Tips and Tricks to Help You Succeed


The Microsoft exams are known to be some of the most challenging ones. The reason lies in the fact that the company always aims to ensure that the candidates are good at understanding its technologies. The certification tests check their ability to apply their knowledge and skills in providing required solutions. The exams might be challenging, but it doesn’t mean passing is impossible. These tests are designed to help the individuals prove that they can carry out certain tasks successfully. Once you pass your Microsoft exam, you’ll be qualified for a certificate related to your area. There are various technologies covered by thetests of this vendor. They include Windows Server, SQL Server, Productivity, Development, and Azure. Microsoft 70-413: Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure is based on the Windows Server (2012 and 2012 R2) technology. The exam leads to the MCSE: Core Infrastructure credential. In this article, we’re going to discuss more about the 70-413 test and give you tips and tricks to help you pass it. Let’s first take a brief look at the Microsoft certification program.

Microsoft Certifications

Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure has phased out some of its tests and certificates to pave a way for new ones targeted at preparing the professionals for their job roles. The new certification and exam process equipsthe candidates with skills that enable them perform efficiently in their specific work. In other words, the new credentials are role-based. Some of the job roles include administrator, developer, solutions architect, data scientist, DevOps engineer, and financial consultant. However, some of the old exams like Microsoft 70-413 are still actual. You can prepare for this test and earn your MCSE certification.

Details of Microsoft 70-413 Exam

·         Number of questions: 40-60
·         Question types: Drag and drop, multiple choice, case studies, active screen, hot area, fill-in-the-blank
·         Time limit: 120 minutes
·         Languages: French, German, English, Portuguese, Chinese, and Japanese
·         Registration: Pearson VUE

Tips and Tricks to Prepare for Microsoft 70-413 Exam

There are some things that you must understand whenpreparing for your exams. Passing your test also entails making use of helpful revision resources. There are a fewhacks that you can use when you learn for your Microsoft 70-413 exam:

1.   Understand the Exam Target

The first thing you should do is to find out the details of your exam. This includes the objectives or skills measured and the expected structure. Knowing the skills measured will guide you in selecting the right materials to use in your preparation process. The topics of Microsoft 70-413 are:
·         Planning and deployment of the infrastructure of a server
·         Design and implementation of the network infrastructure services
·         Design and implementation of the network access services
·         Design and implementation of an AD infrastructure (Logical)
·         Design and implementation of an AD infrastructure (Physical)

2.   Manage Your Time Well

Learn to use your time well. Allocate enough time for each topic and make sure that you do your revision within that time. Time management is also crucial while taking your exam. Don’t stay too long on one question. It’s always advisable to start with familiar questions and go back to the tough ones later. If you come across a question that you don’t know, you can make a guess or move to the next one. This will increase the chances of passing your certification test as you’ll not have to hurry up.

3.   Prepare withPractice Tests and Exam Dumps

Practice tests for Microsoft 70-413 will help you know what to expect in the actual exam. Practicing with dumps gives you an insight into the test and how to tackle the questions. With them, you can easily identify the areas that you still need to focus on. It’s also important that you understand how to identify braindumps that are reliable. Remember that you need to get practice tests that are up-to-date and that cover the exam objectives in detail. You can make use of the most reliable dumps by Examsnap. The previous exam candidates have used them for their revision and they passed their tests with good grades.

4.   Make Use of Training Courses

You can enrol for an instructor-led or self-paced course depending on your schedule. Here are some of the most helpful training courses:
·         Microsoft’s Designing and Implementing a Server Infrastructure instructor-led training
·         Microsoft 70-413 self-paced course on Udemy

5.   Study with Books

Study guides form an important part of the exam preparation. One of the books that you can use is the Microsoft official Exam Ref 70-413 Study Guide.You can also study with the Microsoft Official Academic Course Lab Manual available on Amazon.

6.   Watch Video Lectures

The advantage of using video lectures is the ability to study at your own pace. You can also replay topics that you haven’t mastered even after reaching the end of the course. These are flexible study resources that you cannot ignore. Examsnap has an exam prep Premium Bundle that offers you training lectures and exam dumps for your 70-413 test.

7.   Take Notes During You Study

Taking notes is one method that cannot fail you. As you cover the topics, ensure to write each technical detail that you can see while revising for your test. It is easy to remember the answer to a familiar exam question if you had written down the information. You can choose to write on paper or use digital notebooks like OneNote.


How you prepare for the Microsoft 70-413 exam will determine how you perform. Your result will depend on the study resources that you use and how you approach the whole process. Ensure the prep materials are up-to-date. The above-mentioned tips and tricks will help you prepare well. Once that step is taken, you can be sure to pass your certification test to earn the MCSE: Core Infrastructure credential. This will enable to take job positions, such as a server administrator, an architect, an information support specialist, and a technical support specialist.

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