5 Mac Hacks to Make it Feel More Like a PC

There is no doubt that Mac offers seamless operations and smoothness that very few other brands can deliver to escalate your convenience. However, despite this convenience of operations, PC users often face a few issues when switching to Mac. It is not about MacOS, but the differences in the operating systems cause a little hindrance in the beginning.

The applications we use in our everyday lives on PCs might be hard to find in the MacOS. On the other hand, there are hidden treasures you will discover while using a Mac system and feel like you are using a PC. Here is a list of hacks you can use to make your Mac no less than a PC.

Five exclusive hacks Mac users should know

  1. Smart Folder

Imagine how simplistic your Mac operations will become when you can easily sort your folder automatically! The default file manager on the Mac is called Finder. This unique feature lets you organize everything on your systems, such as applications, network connections, files disks, and even interconnected devices. 

Very few Mac users know that the hassle-free experience of Finder can be personalized by using the ‘Smart Folders’ option. This is a unique feature that enables you to sort and organize your files into the respective folders based on the descriptions. All you have to do is to go to Finder, click the ‘File’ option, and then create a ‘New Smart Folder’.

  1. Install and use Paint

One of the basic image-editing applications present in the default PC operating systems is Paint. Microsoft Paint (MS Paint) is a tool that we are habituated to use and meet our simplest editing requirements. We all know that the features on MS Paint are a little rigid and clunky, but it has its good utilizable features too for basic uses. While switching to Mac, users often realize a gap due to the absence of such an app. 

For Mac, you can do a little bit of your image-editing operations with Preview, the default app. But, to get an alternative similar to or better than Paint, you will need a 3rd party app specifically developed for Mac. To know more, visit setapp.com and find the best alternative of MS Paint per your level of requirement.

  1. Initiating a Start Menu

One of the most convenient features of a Windows PC is the ‘Start Menu’. However, when you switch to Mac, you will realize that your new system does not have a start menu as a default feature. The transition from Windows PC to Mac can be difficult if you do not get the convenience of the Start Menu. For this, you can download an application named ‘Start’ from the App Store.

This app will create a drop-down feature on the desktop of your system where you can find all the files, folders, URLs, and installed applications. The ‘Start’ app gives you similar features to Windows’ Start Menu, and you can also customize its content to enjoy the convenience.

  1. Get ‘Siri’ for Mac

Once the Sierra OS is introduced, your Mac can provide you with the features of Siri, the virtual assistant. Like iOS, you can utilize the features of Siri exceptionally with your Mac. All you have to do is to follow the points mentioned below.

        Press the Space and Command buttons simultaneously and hold for at least 2 seconds to activate Siri and give your commands.

        You will find the ‘Siri’ icon on the Dock. It is located right between Launchpad and Finder logos. When it is ready, you can input your commands.

        Click ‘Siri’ located on the Menu Bar. You will find it in between the Notification Center and Spotlight icons.

These are the three simple ways to activate Siri and enjoy the convenience of using a virtual assistant.

  1. Spotlight 

 Spotlight is an excellent application developed for MacOS. It comes with the default operating system of your Mac. Use this application for conveniently launching programs and applications and forget the hassles of using Dock. 

All you need to do is press the Space and Command buttons simultaneously for at least two seconds to open the Spotlight App on your Mac. In the search bar, you can type the name of an application or any file to access it. This intelligent app can also detect commands such as ‘documents I saved the previous day’ and immediately show you the related results. 

In a nutshell

These are the five best hacks of using a Mac and enjoying the convenience of a PC. Even though Mac offers the smoothest operations to make your daily work convenient, you can make it a better experience by using these hacks and enjoying a PC's real feel.

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