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Now-a-days, trend of Facebook page cloning is going viral among page admins. However, many of Facebook page admins are not familier with this, or many of them might heard but don't know how to clone pages. So, I'm here with this article to help you in cloning Facebook pages. Read it completely and follow all the steps given, you'll succeed for sure.

What is Facebook Page Cloning?
Actually this is a Facebook bug from which you'll be able to create multiple pages from a single Facebook page with different usernames but same likes/fans.
For example, If you have a Facebook page with name "YourName" having 1500 likes, then you can clone it and make 2 more pages with same or different names like "FriendName" and "PetName" both having 1500 likes each. All fans are those which are fans of YourName.

Requirements :
  • Page to be cloned (Lets say 'parental page')
  • 2-3 fake Facebook accounts. Or, you can ask your friends for this.
  • Knowledge about merging facebook pages with different names
Steps To Clone Facebook Pages :
Lets divide the overall procedure into following steps :
  1. Creating new Facebook Pages
  2. Updating Page Information
  3. Suggesting Pages as Duplicate
  4. Merging and Cloning

Step 1 : Creating New Pages
Create 3 new Facebook pages with required names. You can use same name pages as well.

Step 2 : Update Page Informations
Make sure to go to Update Page Info and edit informations of all pages (1 old + 3 new) as below :

  • Category : Local Business:Local Business
  • Subcategories: Bar
  • Address:
    • 1020 86th Street
    • Brooklyn, New York
  • Opening Hours: Always Open

  • Phone: +1 800-588-2300

Step 3 : Suggest Page as Duplicate
Ask your friends or use your fake Facebook IDs for this. Open all new pages and click on Suggest an Edit. Paste the link of old page as duplicate in all new pages. Do it from 2-3 accounts.
Step 4 : Merging and Cloning
This is the most important step. In this, we will send multiple merging queries to Facebook server at the same time.
  1. Open Edit Settings of all newly created pages in different tabs. At second last option, you'll see Merge Pages option. Tick on Old page name and continue the process till last step where it asks to choose url of page after merge. Do it for all 3 new pages and tick on url of new page.
  2. Now.. you are ready to clone. The last thing you have to do is to CLICK ON MERGE PAGES OPTION IN ALL TABS AT ALMOST SAME TIME. Do this as fast as possible and you are done.
Congratulations.. now wait till likes get completely updated in all pages. You'll have 3 pages with almost same number of fans.
Points To Be Noted :

  • You may get error at last because of time gap between clicking on Merge button. IE is recommended than Firefox and Chrome.
  • There's no guarantee that all 3 pages get merged and cloned. Sometimes number of products may vary.
  • You'll lose your old (parental) page or new page for sure,..
  • Anyway you are still lucky because you still can have 3 more pages
  • facebook deletes only one page, so there is no problem
  • try it sooner, facebook team may fix this bug very soon

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