How To Send Email on Later Date

Hello Friends Today i am going to show you how to send Email on a later Date ie,..Scheduled Email This is quite simple after all

Now Follow These Steps:

1)     Click on Sign up For Free button and fill your information.

2)     Now verify your account by visiting your Email Address that you had given in the Sign up process.

3)    Now click on the Compose button to send a new Email.

4)    In the From Field you will see your Email Address from which you are sending an Email, in To Field give recipient’s email address
5)    Click on the Calendar button to set date and time when you want to send your Email and attach a file if any.

6)    Click on Schedule to be Sent now your Email will be sent on your scheduled date.

This works in all browsers and this will not affect your account privacy. 

Features Of LetterMeLater

* File attachments!
* Send emails later from your own email program!
* Create HTML emails! Use rich content to add style and structure.
* Send emails from any of your email addresses.
* Send recurring emails.
* Your email will be the return address on the emails you send.
* Import your contacts and create group mailing lists.
* Send emails with carbon copies (cc) and blind carbon copies (bcc).
* The time of day to send is specified in your local time.

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