How To Set Video As Wallpaper

Hello Friends Today i am gonna show you how to set Video as your desktop wallpaper 

For that u need a VLC media player

1: install it.
2: Run VLC media player
3: Go to Settings->preferences->Interface->Main interfaces, Then click on wxWidgets
4: Remove de tick from "Taskbar" n put a tick on "Systray icon".
5: then go to Video->Output Modules->DirectX...
6: On the bottom right put a tick on advanced options check box. Now You will see some options....Put a tick on "Enable Wallpaper Mode "
7: Den select playlist n put a tick on "Repeat current item"
8: Click on Save button.
9: Restart Your player
10: Den play any video you would like to set as Wallpaper
11: Right click on de video and click on "Wallpaper". The video would be set as your wallpaper!!!!

Thats it !!! 

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