Top 10 Best PPC (Pay Per Click) Publisher Ad Networks 2019

PPC or CPC are best ways to make money online. Every Blogger or Webmaster dreams to make some money from there website or blog by using advertising methods. There are many different method to make money online as i discuss in my earlier post about Different Ways To Make Money Online. PPC is the one of best and effective way to earn revenue for your online content. Pay per clickmethod is mostly famous and almost adopted by every advertiser to grow their business and publisher to earn some revenue. There are many different ways to earn money from your site or blog as i already discuss How To Make Money From Website or Blog.  But it is totally depend upon the owner of site what the feel better for their online business.
Advertisement is a relationship between advertiser who want visitors for their business and Publisher who want to earn revenue for driving traffic towards advertiser ads unit for more must read  How advertisement Network works. The best method choose for this relationship isPPC. Means when the visitors of Publisher site click on the  advertiser ads unit. Then Advertiser have to Pay for each and successful original click.

List of Some Best PPC or CPC Ad Network

#1 Google Adsense

Google Adsense is one of the best PPC based networks. No doubt every blogger and website owner wants to earn through Adsense because there are reasons behind the success and Adsense Popularity. In short Adsense is Bid based CPC and RPM networks and there are lots of advertisers bases on the niche of sites. Adsense offers highest CPC rates and show more targeted ads related to content which increase the CTR rate and helps to earn more revenue. Adsense rates varies on the bases of relevant and irrelevant ads. It CPC rate vary between the range of $0.02 - $15 depend upon the location of visitor and niche of the blog. 

  1. Getting Adsense Approval is too Hard.
  2. Highest CPC Rates as compare to others.
  3. Show Targeted Ads for particular Pages on the bases of Relevant and Irrelevant.
  4. Minimum Payout $100  via check or wired transfer. 
Visit here to join:-  Google Adsense

    #2 Ayboll

    2019 is the age of native advertising, and if you are looking for an alternate way to earn money, you should start using native advertising. This type of ad can be placed anywhere around the content. The most popular placement is after a related post or in the blog’s sidebar. AyBoll offers native advertising, and it is easy to get started with AyBoll.
    Ayboll displays native ads and it is a premium CPA network. You will get paid for any action on the site, and the payout is huge. Their revenue split is high at 50/50, but considering the fact that they pay premium $ per sale, it’s worth trying out.  Ayboll minimum payout threshold is $100, and the payment method is bank transfer or via Skrill. To place the Ayboll ad widget, you can use the Ad Insert Plugin
    1. Approval Process is Fast (Actually No Approval is Needed)
    2. We can select adds in Columns and Rows 
    3. Also used as side earning with other banner ads
    4. Minimum Pay out  $100 

    Visit here to Sign up:-  Ayboll

    #3 Ads is a Contextual Ad network by Combined Yahoo and Bing  and powered by Media.Net. It is one of best Alternative of Adsense. Its CPC rates are also high and good. It is also Bid based CPC and CPM and CPA ads on the bases of eRPM. become most popular for advertiser and publisher within few years and makes best place in advertising. Unfortunately if you don't get Adsense approval then i recommend you to apply for Media.Net.

    1. Getting Approval For easy as compare to Adsense.
    2. You can use Adsense and Media on same website to earn more revenue.
    3. You will only get Approval if you site have High qualify content and Traffic from the reason like US/  UK/ Canada.
    4. Show well targeted ads for particular pages.
    5. Minimum payout $250 via PayPal or Wire Transfer.
    Visit here to join:-  Media.Net

        #3 Bidvertiser

        Bidvertiser is also a best choice if you are not able to get an approval from Adsense or Bidvertiser is also famous and oldest advertiser platform and even perform well at some kind of blogs. It CPC rates are best as compare to other small networks just because they offer POP Up, Banner and various other typing advertising techniques. Its CPC rates vary from approx 0.02 to $5 and you get earning bases on total earn point. Overall performance is best if have sufficient account of traffic.

        1. Getting Approval Process is Fast. I think no one get disapprove.
        2. Minimum Payout $10 via PayPal or Checks.
        Visit here to Sign up:-  Bidvertiser

        #4 InfoLinks Ads

        Infolinks is In-text link based CPC ad network. If you have text based rich site or blog then Infolinks is best choice for earn some revenue. The best part of Infolinks is they don't need and space for banners. Infolinks show targeted ads for any relevant keyword from you content. You can also use keyword Tag cloud from Infolinks on you site or Infolinks can be use as search ads.  Infolinks don't cover the spaces so that's why you can use other ads banner from Adsense or other alternative to earn more revenue for site content.

        1. Getting Approval is too much easy. Only few sites get disapprove
        2. In-text ads, Search ads or Tag cloud Instead banner ads.
        3. Minimum Pay out $50 via PayPal or wire transfer.
          Visit here to Sign up:- Infolinks

          #5 Chitika Ads

          Chitika is also famous platform of CPC on the bases of Search Targeted Ads, Local ads and Mobile Ads. Chitika ads are accepts only organic traffic drive by Search engines. So you will only earn revenue from clicks, if you have good visitor flow from search engines. Chitika Offers high CPC rates as compare to others but little bit low as compare to Adsense. But instead of others it is also good Adsense alternative. Chitika has Referring Program also you can refer others for using Chitika ads then you will earn 10% of Refer Publisher review for 10 months.

          1. Their is no Particular Requirement for Approval They Accept small site and blogs also
          2. You can show Chitika with Adsense or also
          3. Site required Search Engine Traffic to earn Revenue
          4. Minimum pay out $10 via PayPal and $50 via Checks 
            Visit here To Sign up:-  Chitika

            #6 Clicksor Ads

            This is also one of the best Alternative for other in-text based as well for banner ads. Clicksor is best and popular platform of advertiser and publisher. Clicksor having several advertising format like in-text ads and contextual banner ads. Clicksor divides publisher in two groups on the bases of total impressions. Clicksor is Bid based CPC and CPM ads networks. Its offer less CPC rates as compare to above Sites. If also offer Reference Program mean you earn 10% revenue from the Publisher you refer for using Clicksor

            1. Approval System is fast as compare to others
            2. In-text and contextual banner ads, Pop under and other text based ads
            3. Minimum Payout is $50 through check or PayPal
            Visit here to join:- Clicksor

            #7 Affinity Ads

            Affinity has also make their best place in advertising market. Affinity has adopts many different kind of ways for publisher to earn more revenue from their website by implementation in Toolbar, In-text, search suggestion, gaming ads, widget and such kinds of amazing implementation. Affinity is also Bid Rates network based on CPC , CPM and CPA with better eRPM rates. Affinity have highest revenue sharing upto 95% as compare to others.

            1. Fast Approval Process
            2. Keyword Based Targeted Ads
            3. Minimum payout $50 via PayPal

            Visit here to join:-   Affinity

              #8 PopAds

              This is also one of the best site for publishing adds to gain money. They approve almost all the sites. Adult pages are also allowed. It's a simple advertising network for bloggers, website owners but this advertising networks is not like PPC(Pay Per Click Network), because if you will place PPC ads on your blog, when readers will click on ads you will get paid. 

              1)   Fast Site Approval
              2)   Minimum Payout 5$
              3)   Instant payment, no need to wait for 15-30 days to withdraw money

                    1)   Kind of low revenue compared to other sites
                    2)     Doesn’t work with add blockers turned on

              Visit here to join:-   PopAds

                #9 Adversal

                Adversal offers features similar to Superlinks, and you need to have monthly page-views of 50,000 to apply. Minimum payout is $20, and after 35 days they pay at the end of the month. Payment modes are Paypal, Wire Transfer and ACH. It takes 3-4 days to get your application approved, and I suggest that you apply for both Superlinks and Adversal. Though Superlinks ads will pay more, it is also good to have another alternative option.
                Visit here To Sign up: Adversal

                #10 AdHitz 

                AdHitz is growing advertiser platform but its performance on the publisher platforms not so good. AdHitz having number different types of advertiser but their offers less CPC rates as compare to other publisher networks so that's why publisher choose Adhitz lesser ad compare to others.  But if their is no choice left then i recommend you to choose Adhitz. Otherwise try on another ads programs first.

                1. Based On selling ads spaces to advertisers through Adhitz
                2. It shares 70% ads revenue with publisher
                3. Minimum payout $25

                Visit here To Sign up:-  AdHitz

                I hope You enjoy this article about PPC publisher networks. I try explain only the best ppc networks from where you can earn some revenue. Their are numbers of PPC publisher site are available which i do not listed just because of their low cpc rates and performance. So i recommend you to choose any network which you like.
                Don't use more that 2,3 three different networks on same site. Their are many bad effects on site as well on earnings also.

                If you have any Other best PPC network feel free to share your experience in comment box.

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