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 Today I Will Show You How To Solve VIDEO_ DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR In Windows 8.1

VIDEO_ DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR occurs on many systems and most of the people format their drive to solve this error but it is quite easy to solve, here is the solution, But before that i would like to let you know why such error occured. 

This VIDEO_ DXGKRNL_FATAL_ERROR occurs because of windows system update, although it does not occurs on every system, but this error occurs on systems who are using outdated drivers in other words who are not using Updated drivers will face this problem. Just updating Your Video Driver Will Solve This Problem, But Before Doing it, you need to make sure Everything is deleted before hand

Just Follow the procedure 

Click on “My Pc” then go to manage its as you see in the pic

Now Go To “Device Manager”

Now Uninstall All Intel And Graphic Related Drivers Here

Do The Same With These Too – “Uninstall Them”

Now Go To “Add/Remove Programs” Which You Can Find In My Computer

Uninstall All “AMD” and Intel related Applications 

That’s it, now Everything is done, Download Your Latest Drivers From Your Laptop/PC Manufactured Company From the Company WebSite And Install Them.

Note:: Restarting Your Laptop or PC is mandatory for every time you install a video driver 

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