How To Recover Hacked Facebook Pages Updated July 2017

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Facebook Pages are widely used at present and due to that lot of Facebook pages are getting hacked everyday by hackers and even from trusted persons and this became a big problem so facebook added a Request Method to recover pages, but it’s not known to most of the people so I am going to tell you about this stuff


 How To Recover Hacked Facebook Pages Updated April 2017

First of all, what do you need to recover your hacked Facebook page??

1.   You should be the creator of the page (that is you need the creator account to recover your page)
2.   You should remember the date of creation of the page

3.   That’s it, it looks so simple, but it’s not as simple as it looks. It’s quite difficult to make facebook members believe that the page that you want to recover is yours.

Open The Given Below link

This is how it looks

In that Empty Box, Type the details of the page along with the date and how it hacked, to make it simple for you I will give you the Info, just fill it and send it to facebook

Name of the Hacked Page:
Date of Creation of the Page:
Hacked Page URL:
How was it Hacked or How Your Page Disappeared :  (complete information about how that person hacked your facebook page)
Information and Details of your Page:

Every request will not be approved, Facebook should think it is legible
You should write it in such a way that facebook should understand that the page is yours, Facebook will check out the Details, Zones and much more information to check whether it's really hacked or you want to get back your traded page

Please use this request method only if your page is really hacked, if not it’s just a time waste. Facebook Development Members are very clever.

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