A band pass filter passes a limited range of frequencies. FIR filters express each output sample as a weighted sum of the last N input samples, where N is the order of the filter. FIR filters are normally non-recursive, meaning they do not use feedback and as such are inherently stable. IIR, filters are the digital counterpart to analog filters. Such a filter contains internal state, and the output and the next internal state are determined by a linear combination of the previous inputs and outputs. In theory, the impulse response of such a filter never dies out completely, hence the name IIR, though in practice, this is not true given the finite resolution of computer arithmetic.


Chapter 1:  Introduction                                                                              ...          1         
Chapter 2: Tasks and their simulation results
(a)    Task1:   Simulation results, Plots/graphs, figures,              ...            2
       tables etc                                                                             
(b)   Task2:   Simulation results, Plots/graphs, figures,               ...           4             
       tables etc                                                                             
(c)    Task3:   Simulation results, Plots/graphs, figures,               ...           4 
       tables etc

Chapter 3: Conclusions                                                                               ...           8
Appendix1: Source code                                                                              ...          9-14
References                                                                                                    ...          15
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