How to get 21000 Visits To Your Website or Blog in 3 Hours For Free And How To Get 10,000 Premium Traffic For Free

Hello Viewers, who doesn’t want to develop their site or blog?, after all it is very difficult to get traffic and visits to your sites. Now I am gonna tell you how to get free premium Traffic on your site in few hours easily, its not a difficult task, you can get it by following few simple steps 

As is said don’t think its too easy, now I am going to introduce you a particular Website called 10KHits

This site provides 10,000 free Points for each signup but  with a condition that to get that offer you should at least surf 1000 sites Through 10Khits and then you will get 10,000 Points, we will use it to gain traffic

In this site 1 site visit = 0.5 Points
For each surf you get 0.5 Points and it is AUTOSURF
While Surfing Each Site Runs For 10 Seconds that means in a minute you can get 3 Points as each visit gets you 0.5 Points. You can just open AUTOSURF TRAFFIC PAGE and then leave it aside in one of your browser tabs and you can continue your work, it’s the best method through that in 3-4 hours you can get 500 Points and then you can apply for 10,000 free Points and that totals to

        10,500 Points = 21000 Visits on your site

Here you can also get Backlinks, Bonus Points Too

The Traffic you get from this site is Genuine and from various countries which gets you a valuable traffic

How To Add Your Site :

      1)    Register Into 10Hits – Click Here To Register

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      2)    Now you need to surf 1000 Websites in order to claim 10,000 Points , Click on “Surf Now” to Start Auto Surf Traffic Exchange as shown in the below

      3)    This is how Auto Surf Traffic Exchange Looks

  4)    Right after you surf 1000 Websites , claim 10,000 Points In Surf Panel Which you need to Allocate to the site for which you need visits and Traffic.

       5)    Now you need to add your site for traffic exchange, if you are interested you can add it before you gain 500 Points, it is fine in anyway, Click on “Add New Site" 

       6)    Now Fill the details of your site and click on “Add New Site” as shown in the figure Below

        7)    Now the site check will start to  Check if it redirects to any other site or any page breaks, if there are any redirects or page breaks or Pop ups

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       8)    After 20 Seconds It asks you to confirm your site, Click on “Confirm”

        9)    You will be automatically taken to this page, now you need to add Points to your new site. Click On “Allocate Points”

     10) Now You Need To Allocate your Points to your desired site, I already    added one site and allocated 10500 Points to it and now 10477 Points Left  and 93.5 Unallocated Points, now I am going to use them to the newly added  site

     11)    That’s it everything is done, Start Surfing again and earn more and more points and earn more and more traffic easily

  Here ends my Article, if you face any problem feel free to comment below. 

Get Free Traffic Easily To Your Sites - 2019 & Top Ten Free AutoSurf Traffic Exchange Sites

Update: The Features And Theme of the site has been changed But You can Still Get Hell lot of Visitors and Points. Even now 10KHits is one of the top Auto Surf Traffic Exchange Site Enjoy :) 

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