[Updated 2023] Penetration Testing Wifi WPA WPS In Windows In 2 Mins Using JumpStart And Dumpper

In today's world, Wi-Fi or internet connectivity has become an essential part of our lives. It is almost impossible to survive without it. But, what if you are in a place where Wi-Fi is not accessible? In such cases, you might be tempted to crack Wi-Fi passwords, but that's not the right way to go about it. Windows operating systems are not designed for hacking purposes, unlike Linux, which is open source and provides a wide variety of tools for hackers and penetration testers.


So, if you want to crack Wi-Fi passwords, which operating system should you use? Both Linux and Windows can be used, but Linux is preferred due to its flexibility and range of tools. However, many people find Linux difficult to use, and they give up quickly. If you are one of them, don't worry! There are windows applications such as Dumpper and JumpStart that can help you crack WPA/WPA2 WPS enabled networks. These applications can crack WPS pins, allowing you to connect to any WPS enabled network easily. This is one of the easiest and best ways to crack Wi-Fi WPA/WPA2 WPS enabled routers. Additionally, if you want to try hacking through your Android mobile, there is a simple method that can help you crack Wi-Fi WPA WPS enabled networks in just 2 minutes.. Refer to Hacking Wifi using your android mobiles easily in 2 mins 


What is WPA/WPA2:

Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) and Wi-Fi Protected Access II (WPA2) are two security protocols and security certification programs developed by the Wi-Fi Alliance to secure wireless computer networks. The Alliance defined these in response to serious weaknesses researchers had found in the previous system, WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy).

A flaw in a feature added to Wi-Fi, called Wi-Fi Protected Setup, allows WPA and WPA2 security to be bypassed and effectively broken in many situations. WPA and WPA2 security implemented without using the Wi-Fi Protected Setup feature are unaffected by the security vulnerability.

WPA2 has replaced WPA. WPA2, which requires testing and certification by the Wi-Fi Alliance, implements the mandatory elements of IEEE 802.11i. In particular, it includes mandatory support for CCMP, an AES-based encryption mode with strong security. Certification began in September, 2004; from March 13, 2006, WPA2 certification is mandatory for all new devices to bear the Wi-Fi trademark.

What Is WPS :

Wi-Fi Protected Setup (WPS; originally Wi-Fi Simple Config) is a network security standard that attempts to allow users to easily secure a wireless home network but could fall to brute-force attacks if one or more of the network's access points do not guard against the attack.

Limitations For Using This Hack:

1.  This Hack works on Wpa/Wpa2 – Wps Unlocked Networks only
2.  Does not work on all Routers & all encryption's, so cannot hack all the wifi networks Available near you. At least this method can’t.
3.  Not all Networks or routers can be hacked using this method.
4. While hacking some networks it says "Wireless Configuration Failed " that means jumpstart (the software that we are going to use to hack wifi password) cannot hack that network.

There are many people wondering about hacking wifi networks. So, here is a simple tutorial on How to hack wifi Wpa and Wpa2 security through Windows using dumpper and Jumpstart 


1)   Laptop or USB wifi Adapter
2)   Windows Operating System
3)   Wincap
4)   JumStart
5)   Dumpper
6)   NetFrameWork 4.5
7)   Wpa/Wpa2 – WPS Networks Available with at least 8% signal
Links to Download the Required Software’s
1)     Download Wincap – Download   
2)     Download JumpStart –  Download
3)     Download NetFrameWork 4.5 - Direct Download
4)     Download Dumpper – Download

Install all the applications in the order given above to avoid any unnecessary errors. Download and Install all the above given Applications one by one, even If a single software installation is missed (Except Dumpper), lot of errors might occur which might disable the functionality of other software that might result in failure of hack. Be careful while downloading and installing these software’s.

Tutorial on Hacking Wifi WPA/WAP2  - WPS Networks  In Windows Using JumpStart And Dumpper 

Tutorial To Hack Wifi WPA/WPA 2 - WPS Networks

1)  After Downloading and Installing all the applications - Open Dumpper (No need of Installing Dumper, Just run Dumpper when ever you want to try out this hack)

2) Select your Network Adapter and click ”Scan”. All the available networks around will be shown below

3) You can see all the available Networks, Move to "WPS" tab and click "Scan

4) Select "All Networks"

5) click on ”Scan

6)  Select your "Network" that you want to hack 

7) Click on "JumpStart" after selecting the network that you want to hack

8) Jumpstart checks for the Routers nears you and maps it to the one you are trying to hack

9) Jumpstart tries to "Associate with the network" and runs few command on the target router trying to get details from it. 

10) In just few mins, you can see that you are already connected to the network that you are trying to hack. 

11) Click on "Profiles" to see the passwords of all the networks that you connected to already at least once. 

12) Click on Any Profile or network name (SSID) to view the details of the networks along with the password and the encryption which the network uses.

13) You can check the passwords of the connected networked using different ways, here is one without using any tools or applications or without running any commands. 

14) Click on "Open Network and Sharing Center

15) Click on your "Router Name" (SSID) 

16) In the "General" tab click on "Wireless Properties"

17) Move to "Security" tab. 

18) In Security Tab, check the "Show Character" button, then you can see "Network Security Key" which is the password of the router that you are connected to. 

Note: If you are logged into the system as a Limited user; you might be prompted to enter your system password. 


This is the Simplest Method ever to hack wifi wpa/wap2- wps in windows, There are not many possible ways to hack wifi using windows, this is one of the best and easiest way to hack WAP, WPA2 - WPS enabled networks. You can find multiple number of posts on hacking wifi using linux, which is the best for hacking any network or a server. Here is the link to Check all my Wifi Hacking Methods in Kali LinuxIn case you are not successful in hacking a wps enabled network using this method, try to hack it from your android mobile. Here is a simple tutorial to hack wifi wpa wps enabled routers using android mobiles

Most of the wifi networks cannot be hacked through this method, this method has many limitations. So, here is another method of Hacking Wifi using Evil Twin Attack

If you are Stuck anywhere in the process of hacking wifi, feel free to comment below, i will try to help you solve your problem. Before that please check Frequently asked questions. you might find the answer you are looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1) Does This method work?? 

Ans: Yes, it works, but not on all kinds of networks and routers. As i mentioned in the above article using jumpstart, you can hack only wifi routers secured with wpa/wpa2 - wps enabled

2) Jumpstart shows Wireless configuration failed! what could be the reason for it not to be successful? 

Ans: Same answer as above, because it is not programmed to hack routers that are already patched of this vulnerability. To put it into simple words, router is much stronger than the attack 

3) Hacking with JumpStart Failed, how should i hack this particular network now??

Ans:  Not all Hacks on first try, you need to do a lot of digging before you are trying to hack something, Same goes for wifi networks as well. Hacking is not easy at all. There are many other methods to hack wifi, but there are not many methods that work on all kinds of networks or devices. As this is the very basic way of hacking, we need to go into a little more advanced techniques of wifi hacking like Evil twin Attack. Refer This Article 

4) Networks Found in Wifi Tab but nothing in WPS Tab, what should i do not ?

Ans: This is neither your fault or Dumpper's or the system's fault. This happened because there are no WPS enabled networks near you. Dumpper and Jumpstart cannot hack the networks with wps disabled. so you need to go for another method of wifi hacking, which means you need to work a little on Kali Linux to hack the network, even though its not as easy as Dumpper. Click here To read what to do if Dumpper doesnt work.

5) Can i Hack Wi-Fi WPA WPS enabled routers from my android mobiles?

Ans: Well, Yes. There are many methods to hack Wifi WPA WPA2 WPS enabled routers from android mobiles. Here is a tutorial for Hacking wifi WPA WPS Enabled Routers from android in 2 mins.

In case Jumpstart Failed to hack the router try the following (Hacking With Linux)

For wpa/wap2 - WPS Enabled ---->>>  Hacking wifi using reaver in Kali Linux
Refer to this article to know how to brute force a wifi router password --> How to Brute force a wifi Router
All methods and Types of Wifi Hacking--> (select any method and try it, i am sure you can hack any kind of network using these methods)

If you are not able to understand which method to select, here is complete tutorial on Wifi Hacking, which explains the process of choosing the method to hack any kind of router. which can be easily understood by beginners. Follow this article, once you scroll down a little you can find all the methods, usage and the method selection for hacking any kind of router.  
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  41. I downloaded JumpStart from link given by you but after unzipping JumpStart, there are two more .cab zip files (data1 , data2) which are password protected. what should I do?
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