{Working 2020} How to Download YouTube Videos - Easy and Fast

There are many methods to download YouTube videos easily, in this article I will mention almost all the major sources for downloading youtube videos.  Although YouTube provided download button for videos (not for all though, varies with the one who uploads the video).


Why to Download YouTube Videos

        There might be many cases, one of those is simply not to waste your data balance or if you don’t have internet access all the time or continuous wastage of data balance by watching the same video many times.

  Browser Extension:

There are many browser extensions. Now a lot of browsers comes with a file download manger to make things easy for users. These download managers can download any kind of video and audio available on the page that you are viewing. Very easy to use and can be shared with other very easily in an mp4 or mp3 format.

1)     UC Download:

UC browser can fetch the download link of any YouTube video or any other video steaming website. All you need to do is download and install UC Browser from here.

   Here is how to download YouTube videos using UC Download Feature.

1. After downloading and installing uc browser, open any YouTube video.

2. You can see a blue colour widget hanging onto the YouTube video, click on it and select the quality

2) Baidu Download Feature:

Baidu is almost as same as UC download feature, in fact baidu has its download feature even before UC browser has. Baidu download feature can be stated as one of the best download managers.

Here is how to download YouTube videos using Baidu Download Feature.

1)   After downloading and installing baidu browser, open any YouTube video.
2)   You can see a blue color widget hanging onto the YouTube video, click on it.
3)   Now click on download that’s it.

3)   Maxthon Download Feature:

    Maxthon has a very powerful and good video download feature. Kind of easy to use as well, almost same as other browsers. But the problem with this is download button doesn’t highlight always, only some videos can be downloaded. So, this is not mostly preferred

   Here is how to download YouTube videos using Maxthon Download Feature.

 1)   After downloading and installing Maxthon browser, open any YouTube video.

 2)   You can see a light cement color widget hanging onto the YouTube video, click on it.

 3) Click on Save Button.

 4)   Now click on download that’s it.

  2)  YouTube Inbuilt Downloader

YouTube in built download button is one of the most widely used download feature, but its only for download enabled videos, not everyone youtuber will set it free to download, so it’s a disadvantage for someone who can’t not access internet freely. By using this you cannot share the files that you downloaded easily and is not a widely used format. So, this is not preferred.  Few Videos have download button fixed to them, so that we can download easily.

3) Eagle Get Downloader

        This is one of the famous download manager, this is normally used to download any file from internet, but when this application is downloaded it automatically installs a browser extension for tracking and creating download links. Eagle get tries to get the maximum internet speed available, so that the download speed increases.

  4)   ClipConverter.cc

This is one of the most famous website to download youtube videos, this website first uploads the video into their server then convers to different format to make things easy for us, but because of claims they stopped providing download links for copyrighted videos. So in case if you want to download any video which is not copyrighted into a different format prefer this site.

Here is how to download YouTube videos using ClipConverter.

1) go to Clipconverter.cc and paste the url of the video that you want to download and click on continue 

Download Youtube Videos using ClipConverter

2) Select Quality, name and format of the file to be downloaded, then click start.

3) That's it, your file is ready to be downloaded

5) Youtube Converter 

YouTube Converter.io is a versatile website and provide very fast converting and downloading features which are the most important things right now. You can download any video in different formats. Some videos has youtube copyrights so, those videos cannot be downloaded.

And open the URL, you will be redirected to a YouTube Converter website, where you can download maximum all YouTube videos.

Download Youtube Videos using Youtube Converter

6) SaveFromNet:

SaveFrom.net makes downloading from the internet convenient and simple. With our help you can download audio, video, and other types of files from various websites and social networks: youtube.com, vk.com, vimeo.com. go to website copy the url of the video and paste it in savefrom.net. or else just type “ss” in front of youtube.com


Very Easy isn’t it.

There are many more sites such as these, but these are the most widely used methods. 

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