Major Botnet ‘Reaper’ Discovered: Huge Cyber Shut Down is Coming

Experts have recently discovered a major new botnet hackers have created and named Reaper. Similar to another event that took place in 2016, hackers created and initiated a major cyber shut down of the internet using a botnet called Mirai. When hackers activated the Mirai botnet, they were able to quickly shut down the internet on the entire east coast.

Since botnets have been successful in the past, the discovery of this new, much larger Reaper botnet, is a very real threat indeed.  Experts immediately sent out official statements warning the public of the possibility that this botnet has the ability to wipe out the internet on a much larger scale than it’s predecessor. All of the data collected on the discovery backs up their claims immensely.
A botnet is a series of devices that have been hacked and remain hacked but unknown to the owner as nothing has happened in order to bring it to their attention. Devices mainly include smart webcams, WI-FI routers and other smart devices in both the home and at businesses.

Experts warn the public that it is imperative that they keep their smart devices and routers fully updated and patched in order to avoid being hacked and effectively controlled. Many believe that this is the “calm before the storm” and the hackers are currently up and running with enough hacked devices to be very successful.

Through researching, an Israel based cyber security company called Check Point and their IPS (Intrusion Prevention System), started noticing a huge increase in hacking attempts. Notable smart devices and routers include Synology, GoAhead, Linksys, AVTECH, D-Link, MikroTik, TP-Link and NETGEAR, among others.

Check Point made many suggestions: businesses should take certain devices offline and to prepare for DDoS attacks. Owners of residential smart devices will benefit from the same suggestions as well.

Bhanu Namikaze

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