New Ransomware DoubleLocker Targets Android Phones

Cyber criminals have once again launched a ransomware attack on android based phones. Look out for a compromised Adobe Flash Player app going around that actually contains DoubleLocker. It is a ransomware program that has been designed to take over your phone and even changes your PIN, which allows the app to be in complete control.

The fraudulent app has been found on several websites. Avoid downloading anything outside of a trusted source such as the Google Play Store. DoubleLocker also encrypts the user’s data making it nearly impossible to regain control of their own device without paying a ransom. If you happen to become infected with it, experts recommend taking your phone to a professional for servicing and to never give in to paying the ransom.

While the ransom itself isn’t super expensive, it’s still a ransom nonetheless. With DoubleLocker, the creators also designed it to give the fake app administrative privileges.

If any app that isn’t legitimately related to device security or protection/location, it should be an instant red flag to the user if it’s asking to be granted any kind of administrator permissions. In other words, an app for viewing videos doesn’t need that kind of access to a device no matter what.

The fake app, once downloaded and installed, remains inactive but not for long. As soon as you tap the “home” button on the infected device, DoubleLocker becomes instantly activated and the process begins.

It proceeds to lock down the phone and because it was granted administrative permissions, the attackers have the ability to change passwords, change ring tones and ring behavior. They can also wipe all data from the device and even locate it if they wish. Paying the ransom is not a guaranteed fix either so again, avoid giving in to doing that.

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