[Without Root] How to View Saved Wifi Passwords on Android Mobiles without any tools

Hello, here comes a simple trick on how to view saved wifi passwords on android. Normally to view saved passwords on your android mobile you need to have root access as the passwords are stored in /data/misc/wifi/wpa_supplicant.conf which with normal user privilege access is not accessible. So, there are few tricks to view the wifi password. Here I will explain a simple method to view saved wifi passwords on android without using any tools or downloading applications.

So, here is the brief explanation of viewing saved wifi password using android on non-rooted mobiles. As its not directly possible to view the password we are going to be tricky. When you are connected to any network, mobiles give out an option of “Tap to share your Password” to make things easier to share your Wi-Fi network to others. We are going to exploit that feature right now by decoding the QR Code and view the password in plain text.


How to View Saved Wifi Passwords on Android Mobiles without any tools

Step 1.             Connect to the wifi network of which you want to check the Password on your android mobile and click on the network name “Tap to share your password” to share your WI-FI network

Step 2.             You can see the QR Code, take a “Screenshot” of the screen. For most of the mobiles its “Volume Down + Power button” to capture a screenshot.  We need the QR code in a good resolution. Do not try to crop or compress the image, you might not be able to decode it.

Step 3.             Go to the website https://www.imgonline.com.ua/eng/scan-qr-bar-code.php

Step 4.             Scroll down a bit and you see the Choose File“ Button. 

Step 5.             Upload the screenshot of QR code by clicking on “Choose File“ and click “OK

Step 6.             The QR code is decoded and the data in the QR code is visible in plain text now

T:WPA; à Security Standard
P:freedude;  à Password
S:PrideFlare; à SSID, Router Name
That’s it. Pretty much simple right. If you face any problem or in case you are not able to decode the QR code, let me know in comments. 

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how to view qr code

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on play store you can find many apps which can help you Read QR code.

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