[Without Root] Hacking Wifi WPA/WPA2 – WPS on Android Mobiles in 2 Minutes

Greetings to all, The usage of Android smartphones has significantly risen over recent years, making them a preferred choice for many over traditional laptops and desktops. Android offers a plethora of applications, covering almost every need, often free of charge and user-friendly. In line with this trend, developers have aimed to simplify hacking via Android. The Google Play Store is filled with numerous hacking apps, but many require rooting your device, which can be a deterrent as it often leads to voiding the warranty and introduces risks.

For those interested in cracking WiFi WPA/WPA2 passwords on Android, it's notable that the majority of these apps necessitate a rooted device. Rooting introduces potential risks and voids your mobile's warranty. However, after exploring various apps, I've identified one that efficiently exploits WPS vulnerabilities without necessarily needing a rooted device. This app, suitable for hacking WPA/WAP2 WPS-enabled routers, does not work if the router's WPS feature is locked. Nonetheless, it's possible to bypass this with time and patience. The app I'm discussing, WPA WPS Tester, is my first article into writing about WiFi password cracking on Android, although I typically prefer Linux for its superior hacking capabilities and functionalities.

Understanding WPA WPS Tester:

WPA WPS Tester is designed to assess the vulnerability of access points to malicious attacks by exploiting WPS vulnerabilities. This app has evolved over time to include features that allow it to effectively hack into Wi-Fi networks. Notably, it operates on non-rooted devices running Android Lollipop (5.0) or higher, making it accessible to a broader audience. The app's key advantage is its user-friendly interface, allowing users to crack Wi-Fi passwords swiftly without needing root access for newer Android versions.

How It Works:

Download and Installation: The first step involves downloading the app from the Google Play Store and installing it on your device.
Operation: Upon launching, WPA WPS Tester scans for nearby Wi-Fi networks, checking for those susceptible to WPS vulnerabilities. Users can then attempt to connect to these networks using the app's built-in algorithms.
Ethical and Legal Considerations: While the app serves as a tool for testing network security, it's crucial to remember the ethical and legal implications of unauthorized network access. The app should be used responsibly and within the bounds of the law.

Advantages of WPA WPS Tester:

  • It allows you to assess your router's vulnerabilities.
  • Capable of testing and exploiting router susceptibilities.
  • Enables brute force attacks on WPS PINs to evaluate router strength.
  • Can target Belkin Routers for exploitation (Root access required).
  • Facilitates easy network access if you already know the WPS PIN.

Disadvantages of WPA WPS Tester:

  • Limited in the range of routers it can exploit.
  • Cracking Belkin routers requires a rooted Android device.
  • May activate WPS Lock on routers, indicating a security breach attempt.
  • The brute force method is notably slow.
  • Only applicable for routers with WPA WPS enabled.


1.   Android Mobile.
2.   Wifi WPA WPS Tester à Download Here


How to Hack Wifi WPA/WPA2 WPS Enabled Routers using Android [No Root Required]

Step 1. Download and Install WPA WPS Tester App from Android Store

Step 2.  Open the app and select the network that you want to test

Step 3. This is for educational purpose only and should be used for testing the routers that you have permission on. Neither the app owner nor the Hacking Dream is not responsible for the illegal activities. Then hit “Next”.

Step 4. Click on “Connect Automatic With try all Pins”, by clicking on this, It will check all the available default wps pins on the target router.

Step 5.  App starts a trial and error brute force method of checking all available default pins. If any of the pins match, we get a success message.

Step 6. You might be prompted for permissions to access the wireless adapter click “Allow Once”.

Step 7.  YEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Success. If you see this message, that means your access point is vulnerable and you must either disable WPS or turn on WPS Lock. If you see this message à you are already connected to that router (network).

Step 8.  So you are successfully connected to the router now. By default android users cannot view the saved Wifi password on their mobile devices. To view those passwords, you need ROOT access [highest privilege access]. But found a trick to view saved wifi passwords on android mobiles with out root access. Here is a tutorial to View Saved Passwords on Android Mobiles without root. 

Attack Failed!! What to do now?

No need to worry, there are multiple number of ways to crack a router. You can just try brute forcing the router once. Finding all the exploits on a target devices is the job of pen tester. :P

   Step 1.    Select the router that you want to try brute force on and click on “Brute Force

Step 2.    Delay each PIN: this is the time interval to try all the pins. Most of the routers might detect a WPS brute force attack. When a malicious activity is detected, routers immediately turn on the WPS Lock, which doesn’t allow anyone to access the router through WPS. Which is a very big problem for hackers. So, choose a required time delay and click on “START BRUTEFORCE”. This is going to start the brute force and might take too long.

    Step 3.    Hope this works for you J

If this attack doesn’t’ work, worry not. Never Give up. Ultimately anything in this technology world can be hacked, we just need to keep trying harder and find a vulnerability which we can exploit. If you want to try hacking using windows here is a simple tutorial on hacking Wifi through windows and there are many methods to crack a wifi network using Linux, here are the All methods and Types of Wifi hacking tutorials.


The WPA WPS Tester app stands out as a practical tool for ethically testing and understanding the vulnerabilities of Wi-Fi networks. Its ability to function without requiring root access on newer Android devices makes it a valuable resource for those interested in network security, particularly researchers, students, and ethical hackers. However, it's imperative to use such tools responsibly and with consideration of the legal implications.

Bhanu Namikaze

Bhanu Namikaze is an Ethical Hacker, Security Analyst, Blogger, Web Developer and a Mechanical Engineer. He Enjoys writing articles, Blogging, Debugging Errors and Capture the Flags. Enjoy Learning; There is Nothing Like Absolute Defeat - Try and try until you Succeed.


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I want to learn to hack a WPA wifi..

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i m in oman the app doestnot works please help me to connect

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Cool... But I couldn't use the app on my Android pie 9.0

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Didn't work on my Android pie 9.0

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It's not working to wpa lock

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