[Without Root] Hacking Wifi WPA/WPA2 – WPS on Android Mobiles in 2 Minutes

Hello Everyone, Android Mobile’s usage has far increased in the last few years and thus everyone prefers working on mobiles rather than turning on their laptops and computers. Also you get all kinds of applications on android almost everything for free and very easy to use. Following all these, some developers tried making hacking little bit easy through android. A lot of Hacking apps are developed and available on play store and more than half of them either require your mobiles to be rooted or the app doesn’t work. 

There are many apps to crack wifi wpa/wpa2 on android. I am sure 90% of them requires a rooted mobile. Rooting a mobile is little bit risky and if you root your mobile its warranty is void which is the greatest risk is. So, I tested various apps and found one useful app which checks the WPS vulnerability and exploits it. You can even Brute force the WPS functionality. The app that I am going to explain about right now can hack WPA/WAP2 WPS enabled routers only. This doesn’t work if the router has WPS Lock ON. You can make it work even if the WPS lock is turned on but it’s gonna take quite a lot of time. For the first time I am writing an article on cracking Wifi Password using android. I always prefer working on Linux rather than on android for hacking because of the flexibility and their functionalities. The App that I am going to use now to explain hacking wifi wpa/wap2 WPS enabled routers is WPA WPS Tester

Pros of WPA WPS Tester:

ü  Can be used to test vulnerabilities of your router.

ü  Has the ability to test and exploit a router

ü  WPA WPS Tester can brute force WPS PIN and test the capacity of the router

ü  Can Exploit Belkin Routers [Requires Root]

ü  If you already know the WPS pin, this can be used to connect to the network easily

Cons of WPA WPS Tester App:

ü  Cannot exploit all routers

ü  Requires a rooted android mobile to crack Belkin routers

ü  Might turn “ON” WPS Lock on some routers which indicates an attempt to compromise

ü  Brute Force is very slow

ü  Can crack or test only WPA WPS Enabled Routers


1.   Android Mobile.
2.   Wifi WPA WPS Tester à Download Here


How to Hack Wifi WPA/WPA2 WPS Enabled Routers using Android [No Root Required]

Step 1. Download and Install WPA WPS Tester App from Android Store

Step 2.  Open the app and select the network that you want to test

Step 3. This is for educational purpose only and should be used for testing the routers that you have permission on. Neither the app owner nor the Hacking Dream is not responsible for the illegal activities. Then hit “Next”.

Step 4. Click on “Connect Automatic With try all Pins”, by clicking on this, It will check all the available default wps pins on the target router.

Step 5.  App starts a trial and error brute force method of checking all available default pins. If any of the pins match, we get a success message.

Step 6. You might be prompted for permissions to access the wireless adapter click “Allow Once”.

Step 7.  YEAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Success. If you see this message, that means your access point is vulnerable and you must either disable WPS or turn on WPS Lock. If you see this message à you are already connected to that router (network).

Step 8.  So you are successfully connected to the router now. By default android users cannot view the saved Wifi password on their mobile devices. To view those passwords, you need ROOT access [highest privilege access]. But found a trick to view saved wifi passwords on android mobiles with out root access. Here is a tutorial to View Saved Passwords on Android Mobiles without root. 

Attack Failed!! What to do now?

No need to worry, there are multiple number of ways to crack a router. You can just try brute forcing the router once. Finding all the exploits on a target devices is the job of pen tester. :P

   Step 1.    Select the router that you want to try brute force on and click on “Brute Force

Step 2.    Delay each PIN: this is the time interval to try all the pins. Most of the routers might detect a WPS brute force attack. When a malicious activity is detected, routers immediately turn on the WPS Lock, which doesn’t allow anyone to access the router through WPS. Which is a very big problem for hackers. So, choose a required time delay and click on “START BRUTEFORCE”. This is going to start the brute force and might take too long.

  Step 3.    Hope this works for you J

If this attack doesn’t’ work, worry not. Never Give up. Ultimately anything in this technology world can be hacked, we just need to keep trying harder and find a vulnerability which we can exploit. If you want to try hacking using windows here is a simple tutorial on hacking Wifi through windows and there are many methods to crack a wifi network using Linux, here are the All methods and Types of Wifi hacking tutorials.

If you still face any problem, feel free to comment below. I will try to help you solve the problem.

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