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This course is for the people who are interested in starting their career in cyber security. You will get to know the basics and will understand how security works on a big picture. You will to know various types of technologies & tools and their working. At the end of the course you can work on some basic  reconnaissance, scanning, exploitation's and attacks, malware's, injections and about many other vulnerabilities.

What you’ll learn in this course:

ü  Kali Linux Tools
ü  Basic Linux Commands
ü  Fundamental ethical hacking attacks & protection methods
ü  Metasploit
ü  Python
ü  Writing ethical hacking tools with Python
ü  Website penetration testing
ü  Wireless networks penetration testing
ü  System penetration testing
ü  Social engineering
ü  SQL Injection
ü  SQL Fundamentals
ü  Man In The Middle Attacks and protection


Who this course is for:
ü  Eager to learn ethical hacking once and for all
ü  Looking forward to a career in cyber security
ü  Want to learn Python programming for ethical hacking
ü  Willing to write their own cyber security tools
ü  Passionate for Kali Linux and general ethical hacking tools
ü  Looking to enhance IT skills and be prepared for hacker attacks

This course covers

·         VPN & DNS
·         Dark Web
·         Kali Linux
·         Wireless network attacks and protection
·         Man In The Middle attacks and protection
·         Capturing screenshots
·         Beef Usage
·         Fake Game Website Attacks
·         Ubuntu Apache Server Installation
·         Social Media & Instagram Hacking and protection
·         Wireshark Analysis
·         Metasploit Usage
·         Maltego Usage
·         Social Engineering
·         Trojans & Backdoors
·         Meterpreter
·         Website Pentesting
·         SQL 101
·         SQL Injection
·         XSS Vulnerabilities
·         Python
·         Socket
·         Keylogger
·         Scapy
·         Ethical Hacker Certifications

In related sections we are going to learn about subjects like Kali Linux, Wireshark, Maltego, net discover, MSFC, Trojan, Backdoor, Veil, Metasploitable, SQLi, MITMf, Crucnch, Meterpreter, Beef, Apache, nMap, SQLMap, Python, Socket, Scapy, Pynput, Keylogger etc. We are going to start with practical information without suffocating into details and make our way up with not neglecting theory at the end.

Course Download:

                     Download Udemy - The Complete Ethical Hacking Course For Free

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Bhanu Namikaze

Bhanu Namikaze is an Ethical Hacker, Security Analyst, Blogger, Web Developer and a Mechanical Engineer. He Enjoys writing articles, Blogging, Debugging Errors and Capture the Flags. Enjoy Learning; There is Nothing Like Absolute Defeat - Try and try until you Succeed.


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