How to Hack Android Mobile without Rooting

The rooting of android mobile phones bypasses software restrictions and allows installing software and apps that the manufacturer normally does not allow or support. While rooting lets you have more control over your smartphone, it also carries certain risks and disadvantages. Your phone warranty turns void and your device becomes more vulnerable to security threats and malware. Rooting can also cause you to suffer unexpected loss by damaging the phone software and making it useless.

Unfortunately, many android spy and hacking apps want you to root your phone to get it installed with the hacking app. For example, if parents want to hack their kids’ smartphones to keep track of their cell phone use, they need to first root those phones. Obviously, you would not like to take the risk of rooting if your kid is using an expensive android smartphone like Samsung Galaxy S10. 

In such situation, there is a hacking app that you can use to hack android mobile phone without rooting. Read on to know more about the app that allows hacking unrooted android smartphones.


TheOneSpy – Hacking App for Unrooted Android Phones

TheOneSpy is one of the most powerful spy app for android mobile phones. It allows users to remotely and secretly track cell phone activities of someone else. Once you install the spy app on the targeted mobile phone that can be the mobile phone of your kid or worker, you can remotely monitor and control that phone via online portal of the spy app.

The spy app offers monitoring solution for both rooted and unrooted mobile phones. The tracking app for unrooted android phones offers all traditional features of spying app such as monitoring of messages, phone calls, contacts, emails and keylogs etc. Read on to know about the main features of the hacking app for unrooted android mobile phones.

Track Messages
Are you concerned about the mobile phone use of your teen who seems more dedicated to texting than anything else? There is no need to be worried. The android tracking app lets you read all messages of your kids without taking their phones into possession. The app syncs incoming and outgoing text messages and multimedia messages stored on the targeted phone and uploads to the online control panel.

Moreover, the spy app syncs SMS log to provide contact information of message senders and receivers. Tracking messages of your teens lets you ensure that they are not being harassed or victimized by bullies, predators or scammers.  

Track Phone Calls

As well as messages, the android surveillance app lets you track phone calls of your kids and workers. If you are running a contact center, you can keep track of phone calls of your employees to ensure and enhance the quality of services. The unrooted android phone monitoring solution gets access to call logs stored on the targeted device and uploads to the online control panel.

The end-user of the tracking app can log into the online control panel to access call logs and get contact information of callers and recipients. The call logs usually contain detail of all incoming and outgoing phone calls including call time, call duration and contact number of communicators.    

Track Contacts
Do you know whom your kids are in contact with? The android tracking app provides information about the contacts stored on the monitored phone of your kids or workers. You can get name, phone number and other saved information of each contact. Also, you can manage the contact list by adding new contacts and deleting unwanted contacts right through the online control panel.

Track Photos
Are you sure that your teen is not exposing to sexually explicit photos or videos? The unsupervised use of smartphones and the internet can expose your kids to age-inappropriate content. Moreover, there are online child predators who exchange explicit content and porn videos with younger children to trap them. Parents must know what sort of photos and videos their kids have stored on their phones.

The android tracking app lets you unlock the photo gallery of the targeted phone. You can see all photos, videos and other media files stored on the phone right through the online control panel. The app syncs media captured from the monitored phone camera, downloaded from the internet or received from Bluetooth or any other source.  

Track Internet History
The high-tech android monitoring application lets you track internet usage of your children. You can get access to the internet browsing history of their monitored phones and know which websites are being visited. Also, you can see bookmarks and favorite pages to get the detail of frequently visited webpages. That is not all. The spy app for unrooted android mobile phones offers much more to users which you can know about here.

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